Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | May 24, 2011

Israel’s Borders New and Old


Israel of David and Solomon and Israel Today

Israel’s old borders aren’t 1967.  Her old borders are the Kingdom of David and Solomon (around 1000 BC).  Her real borders are what the one, true, living God promised Abraham.   That Israel is a much larger area than David and Solomon’s kingdom.  

Why must Israel surrender its ancestral lands?  Prime Minister Netanyahu is ready to give up some of them.   Just for peace.  That is their call.  

I support Israel in keeping her borders where they are.   And every time they are attacked by the Muslims, defeat the enemy, and keep expanding until they reach the borders given in the Bible.   Ok by me.

Genesis 12.



  1. I think I see two related arguments here. While I sympathize with your arguments, I don’t agree with either of them.

    Borders of King David’s Kingdom: When we go back to King David’s time, I think most people think of God’s gift of Israel to the Jews. Unfortunately, the Bible is not a land deed in the usual sense. No government enforces it; God does, and He let the Gentiles kick the Jews out. At God’s direction, that’s basically what the Jews did to Canaanites, kill the Canaanites or kick them out. Given the arguments the Palestinians use to justify their actions, do we really want to go there, that is, guess at we think God wants? Unlike the Jews, we don’t have Moses or Joshua. So what could we accomplish?

    Ancestral Lands: Even though Judaism is religion, I suppose we could agree that what constitutes modern Israel falls entirely within the ancestral lands of the Jew. I am just not at all certain why that makes any difference. Consider the consequences if we start using “ancestral lands” to establish land rights. You have joked about it yourself.

    I want the Romans to give back our Celtic homeland.

    Carried to the logical extreme, the entire Earth is the ancestral home of the human race. So who would own what? Do you really want intruders walking into your house claiming it is their ancestral land?

    Every society establishes sovereignty and property rights some way, some how. While people familiar with the history of modern Israel may find some of things the Israelis did discomfiting, few objective observers would argue that they treated the Arabs they found in Israel brutally or even with particular unfairness. In fact, the descendents of many of those people still remain. For the most part, the Arabs who became refugees became refugees voluntarily.

    Anyway, the government of Israel has established sovereignty over modern Israel, and any sensible person realizes allowing Palestinians to kick out the Jews would be a monstrous evil. Hence, I think your last post,, argument enough. If Israel gives up any more land, they will accomplish nothing except to the advance the cause of people who want them dead.

  2. […] our hearts sometimes lead us where we should not go. Thus, I left a comment at this post, Israel’s Borders New and Old. It is not that I disagree with the author’s sentiments. I am just too dumb to have any idea […]

  3. Citizen Tom: No argument. Thanks much.

    I just like to point out how close the two territories are – and if the Arabs want to make any ancestral, historical argument, then the Hebrew legacy trumps it.

    • JAB – Yeah. I understand the tendency to react in kind. Sometimes such reflexes work against us. That is why I like to blog. It gives me a chance to reconsider.

      The similarity in borders is curious. Perhaps the effects that geography produces on military strategy and politics has changed less than we know.

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