Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | May 17, 2011

Pity Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking: Genius Fool

Pity Stephen Hawking.  Not for the terrible disease that makes him a prisoner in his own body.  Not for all the pain and anguish of life as he can see but never have.   Pity him for not knowing the one, only, living God.  Pity him for calling heaven a fairy story.  Such genius speaks as a fool, because denying God is such foolishness.   Especially for a physicist.

The genius of Hawking in bringing such understanding of the universe and a basic dimension, or attribute, called Time is powerful.  His writing is a gift bringing greater knowledge to all of humankind.

Yet, Hawking misses what MIT Physics Professor Emeritus and Hebrew scholar Gerard Schroeder exposes in book after book.  The harmony of the Torah (part of our Christian Holy Bible)  and physics is profound.  If a person doesn’t get it then they need to learn more about physics and other natural sciences or more about Hebrew – or both.

I pithy Hawking all the more with his recent statements.  He doesn’t know the Lord God who created the knowledge that men gained – to create the technology that allows Hawking to communicate to the world.  To move about in his motorized chair.  He can’t be grateful for the tender mercies that touch his tortured existence.

Hawking can’t praise the Savior who died for him, so Hawking could die and live – and walk wholly – in Heaven.  Hawking is sending himself from the loss and lament of his disease to an eternal separation from God and light and warmth and wholeness – if he is so judged by the Judge of the Universe.  How awful.  Beyond any terrible thing in this life.  Even for Stephen Hawking.

Hawking is among a handful of geniuses in his generation.  But, he is a fool, like the multitudes of every generation who say in their heart, “There is no God.”

I am so sorry for Stephen Hawking.  May he see the Lord’s light – the truth that sets him free – soon and very soon.



  1. Spiritual development did not start with christianity
    but long before / / throughout human history there
    has always been spiritual teachers / as one having
    the teacher of teachers / the one ( spiritual master.

    In present times the spiritual master Prem Rawat
    he the living manifestation of God /whom blessed
    gifted with powers to grant the keys of heaven to
    those whom in heart seek spiritual enlightenment.

    Heaven is not beyond the clouds in some fantasy
    of religious illusion /such a fairy story as Stephen
    reffered. Heaven is as having always to be found
    within oneself /such achieved through meditation
    in turning the senses inward // thus bringing one
    an unfolding of the spiritual self // via // practical
    spiritual experiences // in seeing the light of God
    drinking from a well within that Christ said would
    quench all thirst // hearing the power of creation
    in knowing ultimate love / in knowing the creator.

    Life be as the iceberg it nought that all one being
    taught is wrong / it one seeing as taught an very
    limited insight of knowledge / in revealing reality.

    Western nations have gone through a long period
    of chrisianity // which in main based on halfbaked
    ideas as of beliefs/not of true spiritual experience.

    Christ did not in his time teach ideas beliefs but
    the art of meditation in an individual turning the
    senses inward / thus a unfolding of spiritual self
    such / always the way of true /spiritual teachers.

    On PC search put ( words of peace ) on the site
    a large selection of videos of Prem Rawat speak
    of meditation // the turning of the senses inward
    thus bringing the individual spiritual development
    within practical spiritual experience / in bringing
    a far greater understanding toward ones spiritual
    knowledge. Where questions / answered through
    experience / giving one clarity of knowing // not
    but based on ideas / beliefs / but in one knowing.

    Thus one can but remain with a fairy story as was
    reffered by Stephen // or one can take such steps
    towards a spiritual reality/via practical experience.

    Keep in mind that religion worldwide is an very big
    buisness / the main organizations in having yearly
    turnovers of $billions // othr organization $millions
    all promising an place in a fictional heaven that be
    somwhere beyond the clouds /one just need keep
    following the “YELLOW BRICK ROAD” till reach Oz.

    Such nonsense is not which the Almighty wishes or
    offers // thus one need be aware in lfe .. If you are
    promised you’ll see know God / in knowing heaven
    then put such to test / saying/ “SHOW ME” if failing
    then move on // if your happy with a make beleive
    heaven / then of course stay where ” calling home”
    if wish a real heaven / then it time turn the senses
    inward / thus /via meditation know your true home.

    It important in spiritual development in having the
    guidance of a spiritual teacher //Prem Rawat / the
    teacher of teachers the very best of the very best.

    Yet all words in the world draws not one to the well
    unless their thirst for truth /in need being quenched.

    ThE VeRy BeSt WiShEs UpOn ThE sPiRiTuAl jOuRnEy.

  2. Amen

    • DV: I know your amen is to the blogpost not the karma klown stuff above.

  3. The true purpose of reason is to bring us to simplicity, humility and truth. Perhaps he was told he was great so many times he began to believe it and used his reason to find complexity, hubris and mire himself in falsehood. The really pathetic part is that the information theory he uses is based on a net accounting paradigm (Vector Calculus and Tensors). At its radix, those methods assume continuity of information flow and non-compressibility of information flow. Absent those, it breaks down in the discrete finite manifold.

    If the universe is finite in the small – and not infinitesimal – his information accounting method ultimately has a fundamental flaw that might be present at black hole event horizons for example. So Hawking radiation might be wrong – in any case, it will prove very hard to verify.

  4. If we will not believe in God, then we have little to believe in except the human race or something even more absurd, a single man.

    In our pride, many of us choose to believe in that person in the mirror. Experience eventually teaches most of us we are not God. Then some of us may deify the human race–until we see the irony. How you ridicule the unwashed masses in one sentence and deify the human race in the next? Others of us idolize a famous person. For a time, their head of gold can transfix us. Yet sooner or later we cannot the fact that every man’s feet is made of clay.

    God willing, we each will eventually reach the only conclusion that makes sense. God is God, and I am not.

    mans 1:18-20 (Today’s New International Version)

    The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of human beings who suppress the truth by their wickedness, since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

  5. Well,
    Just pray for him then (Hawking) and others like him.
    He (Hawking) doesnt understand because he hasnt experience God and all His Goodness and Glory
    Nobody could understand God’s salvation and plan if The Holy Spirit does not reveal it
    But once it was revealed to a person, one can’t deny, how beautiful it is and that it it the Truth despite everything the world says

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