Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | May 4, 2011

Show Us Osama’s Pics That We Paid For

Mussolini and mistress in the Totalitarian's End

The last photograph of Mussolini was telling.   It showed the fitting end for a Totalitarian dictator.   It’s the best end for Totalitarianism.  Osama Bin Laden was the leader of part of the Islamist Totalitarism infesting the earth.  His fitting end with a double tap to the head was photographed.

America paid for those photos.   We paid at 9-11.  We paid since we invaded Afghanistan.  We paid in all the other actions against the Islamists.

OBL was given too much respect by disposing of his body in a Muslim ceremony.   He deserves no more.  Saddam Hussein’s hanging and his sons bullet-ridden bodies got plenty of publicity.

Hiding the pictures to shield Muslim sensitivities is hideous.   It is as craven as it is cowardly.   It is as foolish as it is fantasy.   If the barbarians who practice the Religion of Peace are going to act like barbarians when the pictures of a mass murderer and terrorist are released, so what is new or different?

President Obama needs his arrogance to be called to account.   Keep calling for the pics and don’t stop until we see the photos we paid for.  America can handle the truth.



  1. I agree. I want proof!

    Here is my post on the same subject:

  2. i have trouble reconciling humiliation of a defeated enemy (in this case by showing pictures) with christian teachings on the proper treatment of one’s enemies. also,even if we don’t care about offending muslim sensitivities, shouldn’t we care about the people who may be hurt or killed when the offended muslims go berserk?

    • Don’t conflate a Christian person’s relationships and the responsibilities of the state. See Romans 13. The state wields the sword – capital punishment – for a reason. And Paul doesn’t complain about it.

      A demonstration of power will bring more peace, and less violence and harm to innocents, than weakness.

      It’s impossible to control the behavior of other people. Especially, Barbarians.

  3. Off course you can control behavior, you just said so in your previous sentence when you argued that a “demonstration of power” will reduce violence. Which I agree with, btw, but I would say that releasing the photos would subtract, rather than add, to considerable power already demonstrated by killing Bin Laden as we did, while carrying with considerable costs in other areas.

  4. whoops, i should have replied to directly to your last post rather than starting a new thread. haven’t figured out how to work your site yet.

  5. cb: Thanks so much for your comments. We can disagree. The demonstration of power is intended for those in power who will get the message. The screaming street will not be influenced so much. It’s a calculation of different audience, different degrees of influence. No solution fits all. Thanks again.

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