Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | April 19, 2011

Obama’s Economic Jabberwocky

BHO, the Dems and the Mainstream Ministry of Propaganda Speak It

Economic Jabberwocky.  Obama, the Democrats and the Mainstream Media – the Ministry of Propaganda – speak economic Jabberwocky.  If only there were elected Republicans who could answer in simple English.  Cong. Ryan and Paul and Sen Paul are a handful of Republican politicians who respond with numbers.  They need to use simple, powerful words.

Here are a few translations from Economic Jabberwocky.

  • Government investments means Government spending.
  • Government investments producing jobs.  For every one job paid by government spending 4 jobs were killed by the taxes to produce it.
  • Government investments not paid by taxes mean the money was just printed.  Money that is printed and not backed up by anything – causes inflation.
  • Inflation robs the poor and punishes the Middle Class.  Inflation destroys savings.
  • Cutting essential services hurt the helpless.  Name the services cut, show the numbers, connect the dots.  Every dollar filtered through government produces only a quarter in results.  The three quarters lost  = real jobs lost.
  • No person or state can borrow their way to wealth.
  • No person or state can spend their way to wealth.
  • Pay for tax cuts for the rich.   No one pays for tax cuts.  It is their money.  If they keep it, no one loses a dime.
  • Increase taxes to pay the deficit.  Tax increases decrease tax revenue.  The deficit grows larger.
  • Every tax increase kills jobs.  Every $150 m in taxes kills about 3,ooo jobs.
  • A Fair America.   A socialist America isn’t fair.  It is foul failure.  Fair is the free market with less government.
  • Then there was some absurd thing about spending cuts in taxes.  It went beyond Jabberwocky.  Increasing taxes increases taxes.  Cutting spending cuts spending.
English.  The language of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the U.S. Code.   We should use it more.
Couple of things to add..
  • TARP.  Failed.  Money went overseas and other strange places.   Follow the money.
  • Stimulus.  Failed.  Money went to keep state and local governments from defaulting and firing workers – created more waste for every job saved.
  • Obamacare.   Will cost more.  Less supply means higher costs.  More demand means higher costs.
  • Energy costs.  More demand for oil means higher costs.  Less supply or limiting supply of oil means higher costs.

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