Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | April 14, 2011

Presidential Con

These Con Men were amateurs compared to Obama and the Dems

Politics is business.  With very few exceptions, politics isn’t about public service, it is just business.  It is a dirty business where confidence men thrive. Yet,  Obama and the Democrats are running such a Con about the budget it has to be called out.

Forget the con job on birth certificates and hidden history.   That isn’t going to destroy the country.  The Democrat spending in the Federal Government will.   Sooner not later.

TARP – thank you Bush and the Republicans – was a farce and a fraud.  The stimulus failed.  Spending failed.  Obamacare will fail.

Meanwhile, if a couple of $ trillion or so was wasted since January 2009, who got the money?  Who ran the con?  Follow the money.   The Federal funds were wasted, but they were wasted on some people.  Who got the money?

Those questions should be answered.

Until that sunshine day, consider the line the Con men play.

Like, tax cuts for the rich make the poor seniors pay more for Medicare.  Bull.  There is no connection between the two.  None.

“Reducing spending in taxes.”  Absolute jabberwocky.  Eliminating tax loopholes raises taxes.  It doesn’t reduce spending.

Investing by government actually just means more spending.

Shutting down the government has nothing to do with job growth.  Nothing.

No one can tax their way to prosperity.   Taxes to produce government jobs,  kills more jobs than it produces – 4:1.

No one can spend their way to wealth.

Government – and especially politicians – can NOT suspend the laws of economics.

And on and on it goes.


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