Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | April 7, 2011

Congress Closes Government, Congress Schmloses Government

Republicans in Congress close government.  Democrats in Congress close government.  Like it matters who does it.  Like it matters whether $30 B or $60 B is cut from a trillion dollar plus deficit death spiral.

The chattering class cares.   The Propaganda Ministry cares.  Congress cares.

Until Cong. Mike Pence’s trillion dollar budget cut is called “the very first small step”, then Congress can’t be taken seriously.   What they do to the country is serious.

The overwhelming majority of the politicians need to be replaced by successive classes of anti-Congress Congresses.   Do it until the powers of the States are returned to the States – and Constitutional Federalism.  And, all the excess spending is stopped.

Grandfather the promises made into promises kept for the helpless.   Then, move the rest of social security, healthcare, and welfare to the States.   Cut all taxes.  Eliminate harmful regulations and punitive executive orders.

Nominate and elect the anti-Congress Congress.   Start in 2012.


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