Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | April 5, 2011

When to Burn the Koran

Barbarians are free to say what they please

GEN Dave Petraus has a problem with the raging barbarians in Afghanistan.   He has to act like they are really our allies, instead of hired help.  I would too, if I were him.  Seriously.  The political and military analysis of what he and all the other commanders have to do – at least for now – isn’t complicated.  I’d do the same.

Dave’s problem in Afghanistan (when we met 20 years ago: he was Dave and I was Jim) isn’t mine in America.   I don’t advocate burning Korans – yet.   It is a needless provocation of the barbarians.

But, the day the government – local, state or federal –  says Americans can NOT burn Korans, that is the day to break out the matches.  Civil disobedience is called – commanded – to protect our free speech rights.

The very best time to burn a Koran is when the government tells you that it is Verboten.

This young lady says it quite well.

She has another You Tube video where she burns special passages from the Koran.  I disagree with her on timing – but cheer her on intent and ultimate purpose.

Hope the time for this choosing doesn’t come to America.



  1. Let me explain the difference between burning a Koran and a Bible:

    If you burn, make fun of, defy, denounce, or refuse to accept the Koran it instructs it’s followers to kill anyone and everyone who is not a Muslim.

    If you burn, make fun of, defy, denounce, or refuse to accept the Bible it instructs it’s followers to love, forgive, pray for and bless anyone and everyone who does such things.

    Get it?

  2. P.S.- I only wish our elected officials had half the testicular fortitude of this dame! Myself included.

  3. P.S.S.- My comments were in no way directed at you Jim. You have been at the forefront of trying to articulate the dangers of Islam.

  4. Catherine: I’m not elected to public office. Party office, but not Public. No harm, no foul and a good laugh. I made a website in Iran, years ago, as an ‘enemy of Islam’.

  5. Yowser!
    Girl’s got attitude.
    Speaking truth to power. So refreshing that it feels a little embarrassing to listen to.

  6. DV: Amen.

  7. […] by Citizen Tom I am not a book burning enthusist.  James Atticus Bowden explains my attitude in When to Burn the Koran. Since Senator Lindsey Graham inspired Ann Barnhardt’s book-burning, she has my […]

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