Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 29, 2011

I Debate Tomorrow Night

Hampton University

6:30 pm at Hampton University a debate among a Democrat, Libertarian and Republican for the Hampton Politics Club.

I am the GOP guy.   Actually, I will distinguish between Establish Republicans and Constitutional Republicans.

Here are the questions we will address.

1. We just passed the 1 year anneversary of the signing of President Obama’s Healthcare Law. What is your opinion of the law?
2. The President has done a number of initiatives to attempt to revitalize the economy, including the Stimulus Bill, the Financial Regulatory Reform bill and others. What is the best approach to stimulate economic growth?
3. Much has been made lately of the balooning federal deficit. How do you suggest that the nation approach the deficit most effectively?
4. With two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with the burgeoning conflict in Lybia, what is your approach to our foreign and military policy in these areas?
5. Of course, on a college campus, education is very important. What are the most important steps to increasing the competativeness of the American education system?

I look forward to tomorrow night.




  1. Speaking truth in the PC world of American academia may bring catcalls at best and physical assault to prevent you being heard at worst. Let us hope that Hampton isn’t like other schools in that regard.

    • Only got one young lady saying she was offended that I talked about keeping the Islamists in their dark places in the world. Some good questions from other students.

  2. The subject matter is awfully broad. I will pray you stay on the focus you mentioned.

    I will distinguish between Establishment Republicans and Constitutional Republicans.

    God be with you.

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