Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 28, 2011

Hillary’s War in Libya

Wannabe Commander In Chief

Hillary, HRH Hillary I, has her own little war in Libya.  Her husband, Impeachable Bill, had an air war in Kosovo.  After the U.S. and NATO allies killed about 2,300 Serbian civilians with high altitude bombing, the unscathed Serbian military pulled back.  It allowed Kosovo to become a criminal, Muslim enterprise where returning the favor of ethnic cleansing was raised to new levels of effectiveness.   With NATO troops on the ground to make sure the Serbs didn’t come back to protect their own people.

President Obama could have made decisions at any time.  But, that would have taken away from his dithering.

HRH has a chance to have a war and not call it a war if it goes badly.  Take all the credit if it goes well.

But will it?

Do not let the dogs of war slip their leash unless you are ready for havoc.

Wars should have objectives.  Wars are the continuation of politics by other means.  The objectives need to be a bit more pointed than – protect some civilians and ignore others.

Wars should have leaders.  Leaders should communicate the war aims when the war starts, not whenever.

Wars will have unexpected outcomes.  Consequences change the conditions that started the war.

So, if the Muslim Brotherhood takes over Libya, don’t be surprised.



  1. “Kinetic Military Action” aka Bull$#!t!

  2. I am most concerned that the American public doesn’t seem to get this. Are we really that far down?

    • Far down or un-informed and un-thinking? Twenty years from now there will be case studies on this – like the Bay of Pigs as a “How Not To DO.”

  3. Many people don’t like Gaddafi. So when Obama drops bombs on him, that is all they think about. So long as Obama does not get any Americans killed, they don’t think its war. Sure it’s stupid, but it worked in Yugoslavia for Bill Clinton.

    Think about it this way. If you listen to talk radio, read the Constitution and history books, and make rational arguments for Conservative principles, you are a mind-numbed robot. On the other hand, if you guzzled down the Kool-Aid provided by our public school system and have no idea how a private economy is suppose to work, you care and you have feelings.

    If we are lucky, we are in a battle that will last decades. If we win, we will not see the victory. Only if we lose are we likely to see the outcome.

    Our first objective, the civil rights issue of this decade, must be getting the American educational system under parental control. That is why what happened in Wisconsin is so important.

    • Complexity and comparisons don’t sit well with too many of our fellow citizens. If they didn’t vote, it wouldn’t be such a matter of concern.

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