Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 14, 2011


The worst in Japan for a long, long time

The Japanese gave the world the name – tsunami.  The Japanese have thousands of years of experience.  They just experienced the worst earthquake and tsunami in over 100 years.

Over 10,000 are dead.   Over half a million are homeless.  Putting the genie of the nukes back in the bottle will be a challenge.

So, where is God is all this suffering?

If God is all knowing, all powerful and ever present, then why did He allow such a tragedy?

First, the why.

God has Explicit Will and Permissive Will.  Permissive Will lets the forces of nature work in the compelling order of the created universe.  Those forces include violent acts of nature.  And bacteria that kills.  Cancer that kills.  Gravity that always gives falling objects the same ending.

God’s Explicit Will is extraordinary.   It happens in ordinary lives.  And, it is recorded in the Bible.  Over and over to everyday folks.  It can be as simple as a thought, a moment of comfort, unexpected peace and joy, unsurpassed courage – gentle, undeserved lovingkindness.

God’s Explicit Will is to come to earth in a human body – as God-in-Man, Jesus – live a sinless life, die on the cross, be separated in Hell, and rise from the grave to live forever in Heaven near Himself – the incorporeal great, creative Spirit.

Someday it is God’s Explicit Will to come back and split the sky.   It may be His Permissive Will that happens at the same time the Sun becomes a super nova.

Back in Japan, the suffering remains.  God didn’t do it to the Japanese.  But, God can lead humans around the world to help.  God can comfort the survivors.  God welcomed the innocent children to Heaven where His love is a thousand times the love of the most loving father or mother.  The Holy Spirit may nudge more Japanese into a personal relationship with Jesus.

Japan will recover from this tsunami.  Someday there will be another.

Now, then and forever Japan needs Jesus.


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