Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 11, 2011

An Apostate in Congress

U.S. Congressional apostate also rejected Christianity

Congressman Keith Ellison (D, MN) is a Muslim.  He was raised a Roman Catholic.  Went to a Jesuit High School.   Converted to Islam around age 20.  He is a Christian apostate.

He cried when he testified at Cong. King’s (R, NY) hearings on radicalizing Muslims in the U.S.  Apparently, one of the Muslims who died on 9-11, or his family, was looked at sternly by normal Americans.   Cong. Ellison cried big tears on TV.

Why does anyone take this apostate seriously?   I realize Democrats will vote for socialists, communists and race pimps.  Got it.  Republicans vote for morons and hypocrites on occasion, but apostates?

It is a long, deep, dark step down from the light of Christianity to the medieval darkness of Islam.

Giving up the blessed assurance of salvation – eternal life in Heaven – for an assured salvation that is ONLY guaranteed if you die fighting in jihad – or blowing yourself up for jihad.

Going from the astounding knowledge of a Bar Mitzvah Jesus amazing scholars and elders to the illiterate prophet Mohammed.

From a sinless savior to a Mohammed who committed genocide, murder, fought in many battles and had sex with his 9 year old ‘wife’.

From God-in-man who faced every temptation without failing to a Mohammed who picked up a Christian wife and three Jewish wives by having their husbands killed.  Moe’s last Jewish wife tried to poison him – which may have shortened his life.

From the Christianity of Western Civilization to the barbaric Islam stuck in the 13th century – at best.

A person, even a politician, has to be incredibly stupid or willfully stupid to trade Christianity for Islam.   So, why does anyone, except the Democrat voters of Ellison’s district, take anything he says seriously?

Ellison is lucky he committed his apostasy in America.  Our Judeo-Christian culture – evolved through Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment and 3 Great Awakenings – allows apostates to live.  Islam doesn’t.

Here is the Sharia law as public law on apostates who leave the dark clutches of Islam:  From just Wikipedia (I know – consider the source)

  • Iran – illegal (death penalty)
  • Saudi Arabia – illegal (death penalty)
  • Nigeria – illegal in twelve of 37 states (death penalty)
  • Syria – illegal (death penalty)
  • Qatar – illegal (death penalty)
  • Sudan – illegal (death penalty)
  • Mauritania – illegal (death penalty)
  • Afghanistan – illegal (death penalty)
  • Somalia – illegal (death penalty)
  • Yemen – illegal (death penalty)
  • United Arab Emirates – illegal (death penalty)
  • Malaysia – illegal in five of 13 states (fine, imprisonment, and flogging)

What a fool.

There is a cathedral in Italy – from Ellison’s former faith – with a painting showing Mohammed in Hell.  Sorry he didn’t get the message.  Indeed, what a fool to trade a resurrected, living Lord Jesus Christ for a corpse that rotted in Arabia.



  1. Have you read “The Closing of the Muslim Mind” yet? Fascinating book — would love to have your opinion on it.

    • Shaun, Thank you for reading Deo Vindice. I have read about the book, but not read it – yet.

      The imans met in Baghdad in 1250 and declared the end of knowledge. All that was to be known was revealed with the Prophet Moe. That killed their universities. Meanwhile – since 1000 there were over 40 universities in Europe and they were growing.

      Interestingly enough, that was the time when Moses Maimodes reconciled Aristotle and the Torah = rational empiricism and Jewish mysticism, in The Guide to the Perplexed. This reconciliation – actually a syncretism as Christian thought – is the intellectual powerhouse of Western Civilization.

      God created an ordered universe. It can be discovered.

      Thanks again.

  2. Amen.

  3. May I summarize?

    Republicans listen to apostates.

    Democrats vote for them.

    Christians pity apostates.

    Muslims kill them.

    There is a dark streak in my soul that does find the Muslim solution appealing. I suppose that means I need to pray for Congressman Ellison.

    • Well said.

      The irony of an apostate preaching a religon where apostasy is punished by death is extreme.

      Christian apostates will be punished enough when their time comes. They will be judged, but not by us.

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