Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | February 22, 2011

Democrats: Do Your Duty

The Law must be what is written

The Democrat legislators running from their elected place of duty in Wisconsin and Indiana have no idea what their devastating dereliction of duty means.   What may feel like political theater to them, is a direct assault on our Constitution, our Federal Republic, and The Rule of Law.

Election to public office is a public trust.  Even when career politicians and congenital poltroons are elected.  A legislator is elected to serve in the legislature.  Serve.  The legislators have a duty to serve.  In the legislature.  Even Democrats have a duty to serve.

The Rule of Law doesn’t have loopholes for legislators to not show up.  The Rule of Law doesn’t allow the losing side in elections to destroy the legal process, the rules, in a fit of pique.

More to follow.



  1. Typical, cowardly liberalism.

  2. It is more than cowardice. It is cancer to the Rule of Law. Men and women must do their duty for the law to live and rule. Instead of having the rule of men.

  3. Cowardly liberalism?? Have you not kept abreast of the news? Gov. Walker is doing all kinds of unethical crap in the attempt to bust unions. It’s not about the budget, it’s about squashing the unions. A applaud the Dem Senators — they are absolutely doing their jobs!

    • PB: Define ‘unethical’. The issue for any legislature is the legality of their laws. If the Gov and legislature are doing anything illegal, it can be appealed in court.

      The legislators’ place of duty is in the legislature. It is unethical for them to fail in their work ethic and legal ethic to not be at their place of duty – their desks in the legislature.

      Supporting such actions – failure to do their duty – is not an ethical choice.

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