Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | February 2, 2011

GroundHog Day 2011

Same old same old

Phil, the Groundhog, says there will be early Spring this year of our Lord, 2011.  Hope so.  Regardless of when the sap rises again, and, oh, how I love that feeling as a man to be alive in Spring, it is groundhog day today.  The movie has become a metaphor.  Actually, it is a good moral tale if you pick and choose carefully.

Groundhog Day is one of the few movies I look forward to seeing again.  I don’t know the precise attraction.  But, it is a powerful attachment to the iconic images of living the same day over and over.  And, look at all the choices in what to think, say and do in a single day.  For a single individual.  It speaks to the folly of life and the beauty of living it well – regardless of its fleeting, or repeating record, nature.

The great events of the world may look like a drunk stumbling from crisis to crisis.  The small circles of life may be more merry go round than roller coaster.  Actually, why the great and small happen is like the essence of the movie, Groundhog Day.  The same things happen over and over and over, forever.

The core struggle of good and evil continues from the Garden of Eden.  The acceptance or rejection of the full revelation and final covenant of God to man continues since Jesus died on the cross – and rose from the tomb.  The issues among humans are the same as told throughout the Owner’s Manual for Humans, the Holy Bible.  The struggles of each individual spirit are the same.

In current events, the appalling arrogance of power prompts too many politicians to speak ignorance with utter assurance that their side will support them – and never laugh at their stupidity.

Yet, because we live through all this sameness for the first and only time, it is unique.   Like the movie, the same old same old can become quite special.

And, most of all, no matter how much everything might seem the same – in every way – the Lord God creates a brand new day every day.   Ever day is a complete life unto itself.  From rising to resting.  The Lord will create a brand new day – special to the living – for one day, every day.


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