Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 17, 2011

MLK Day 2011: Emotion Over Reason

Rosa Parks got the big ball rolling for the Civil Rights movement.  There was a false start earlier in nearby Gloucester County, Virginia.  So, it went from the bus boycott, to freedom riders, sit ins, to the March on Washington (I have a dream speech), lash back with a bombing and a few murders and the state brutality on the Edmund Pettus bridge, then the Civil Rights Act 64 and Voting Rights 65.  And, the Watts Riot of 64 intervened to set the stage for many self-destructive acts to follow.  Triumph and tragedy abound around “Civil Rights.”

But, because it took so much to get something so simple as the lawful ability to ride anywhere any person pleased on a bus, this day is not the day for Reason.  Not the day for facts.  Not the day to lament lost opportunities and future challenges from good ideas gone bad = like minority rights.

This is the day to celebrate the victories of the Civil Rights movement for all Americans.  It is a day to be respectful to the memory of the icon – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Perhaps, a day to connect to the Christian thought which shaped Dr. King and the Movement, gave it energy and courage.  And, blesses all the good that came of it – today and tomorrow.

It’s a good day to put gratitude and joy over reason.

Happy MLK Day 2011.



  1. Well said.

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