Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 16, 2011

Weasel Politics in Tidewater Virginia

Kyle P. Adams is the chairman of the For Freedom Conservative Network PAC (FFCN PAC).

I saw Kyle Friday night.  I was in the training session for the poll workers at the 91st House of Delegates ‘fire house’ primary – party caucus – coming up on 18 January.  Kyle was identified as part of the Chris Stuart campaign.

Chris Stuart is a Hampton City Councilman.  When  Delegate Tom Gear announced he was resigning from Virginia’s General Assembly right after CHRISTmas, Stuart MOVED  so he could run for a safe Republican seat.  He never had the courage of his convictions to run where he actually lived – and was elected to represent citizens in Hampton on city council.

There are 4 candidates for this seat.  It was gerrymandered by the Republicans in 2001 to be one of the 3 most Conservative in the entire Commonwealth of Virginia (#3 of 100).

The daughter of a long time Conservative opinion leader – the former owner of a bait and tackle shop in Hampton – is running as former Del. Tom Gear’s favorite.

Chad Green and Gordon Helsel have run for office before – and have a hope to win.  So, today, two glossy hit pieces against Chad and Gordon (know them both) show up in my mailbox.

The sleazy hit pieces are from FFCN PAC.  That means Kyle Adams, unless he has resigned suddenly.  Now, Kyle is part of the Stuart campaign.  Yet, the pieces say “Paid for and authorized by the FFCN PAC.  Not authorized by any candidate or candidates committee.”


So, what does Chris Stuart know about the hit pieces?  When did he know?  What did he say?

Did Stuart give FFCN PAC money or ask/encourage others to give FFCN PAC money?

Chris Stuart abruptly moves just to run for the House of Delegates.  His campaign worker – and how much is Kyle  Adams being paid? – is the head of the PAC attacking Stuart’s serious opponents.  And, Stuart is endorsed by brand new Congressman Scott Rigell.  Yes, the same car dealership owner who reportedly gave Democrats Barak Obama $1k and Mark Warner $10k.

Such a principled Republican Congressman supports carpetbagger Stuart who is supported by Adams of the skank flyers.  Birds of feather flock together.

Should the Commonwealth’s Attorney for York and Poquoson see if the disclaimer on FFCN PAC flyers was false – and unlawful?  Eileen, you might want to check this out.



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  2. Weasel politics and skank politicians indeed! Great adjectives!

  3. Good work Jim! Thanks.

    Did you know that Chris Stuart also barely votes himself?

  4. Doing due diligence after getting mail flyers from FFCN PAC. Thanks for the heads up. Three Poquoson votes going elsewhere.

    Semper Fi.

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