Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 14, 2011

Looking Forward from Lee-Jackson Day 2011

The one-hundred-fiftieth anniversary (if only I could spell it, let alone pronounce it) of one of America’s top 3 seminal events begins.  The War of Northern Aggression, the Recent Unpleasantness, or the First War of Southern Independence was America’s second civil war – ACW II in my shorthand.  The war’s hero generals, Robert E. Lee and Thomas Jackson, have a state holiday here in Virginia.  Lee-Jackson Day 2011 is a good time to look forward.

Southern culture is ascending.  Not as a force for Southern nationalism, but because Southern culture has the right ideas.  Moreover, the more Southern identity morphs away from race and place to ‘Christian’ it speaks to broader audiences.  Like in the long, long world war against Islamists there will be many allies.  But, a critical mass of thought leaders, action actors and dedicated supporters will answer to the title – Southerner.

Lee and Jackson point the way forward.  They lived their West Point motto, “Duty, Honor, Country” much as their Christian faith, as the fiber of their being.

Duty.  Look to Lee and Jackson to learn how duty demands service and sacrifice.  Against impossible odds.  With great courage.  To the bitter end.  But, in WW IV Against Islamists to end in victory – however many decades or centuries it takes.

Honor.  Live like Lee and Jackson, so personal integrity becomes so far above reproach, that it creates moral suasion as good as gold.  The life well-lived is how to live.

Country.  Country, which meant the Sovereign Commonwealth of Virginia in 1861, points to the Constitution for some time to come. Americans should have the same fidelity to the 1787 U.S. Constitution as Lee and Jackson did – in determining where to stand on the big domestic issues.

Christ.  Winston Churchill wrote that the Confederate Army was the most Christian army that ever marched.  The wave of Christian Evangelism that swept the Army of Northern Virginia never receded.  My gg-grandfather Holland had the soldier at his left and right shoulder killed in a single battle.  Grandfather Holland’s bedrock Christian faith went to his daughter, my great-grandmother, as the matriarch of clan who still gather every year.

Christian faith, the personal relationship with Lord Jesus Christ, will define the South and America – and along with Jewish friends, these muscular Christians will save Western Civilization from the dark, dreadful, barbarism – the burqa veil –  of Islam.

When that victory day finally comes, there will be a direct line of thought – as well as men and women – from Lee and Jackson to the victors.



  1. You ought to post that to Bearing Drift. . .

  2. Right you are. There are bigger fish to fry.

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