Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 13, 2011

Tucson Memorial Service

The Tucson Memorial Service at the University of Arizona was pathetic.  That pains me.  My father, sister, brother-in-law and niece went to the University of Arizona.  Their love and pride in U of A is mine in our Clan.  More the pity for what just happened.

First, let’s give Grace.  People on the emotional edge can be forgiven many things – thought, said and done.  Virginia was convulsed – really stricken with few degrees of separation – when mad murder came hunting innocent victims at Tech in 07.

Many in the audience were young students.  Immaturity experiencing the first full gut wrenching of real life can be forgiven much.

Yet, what was profoundly wrong needs to be said publicly.

It wasn’t a memorial service.  It was a cheering session for survivors and accolades for the dead.  It lacked the dignity and respect of a true memorial service.  Nor, was it the uplifting joy of an Evangelical funeral service – a homecoming celebration.

A pathetic pagan chant was passed off as prayer.  No Jewish prayer for the Congress Lady.  No Christian prayer for others.

Congratulations on the Attorney General’s simple reading of Holy Scripture.  But, that wasn’t prayer.

The rest of the speeches, especially President Obama’s, may have made relatives feel a wee bit better.  But, it was only for their names being mentioned in this spotlight of tragic fame.  Not for the uplifting words or triumphant, transcendent ideas.

What the show lacked in dignity was made up with shallowness.

Pity.  Lost opportunity to witness the Risen Lord Jesus.  Lost chance to uplift America.  Lost moment to love one another as we love ourselves – and mean it.





  1. Agreed. From what we know about the murdered victims, they were Christians. The “prayer” offered by the Indian was pathetic and meaningless. If my family members were “memorialized” by anything other than the Name of Jesus, it would be pointless and disrespectful.

    Whoever planned this pep rally had no concern for the decendents or their family.

  2. Thanks, Missy. Agreed.

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