Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 12, 2011

Our 57:32:11 American Nation

A CBS News Poll reports 57% of Americans understand the Tucson massacre is the act of an individual person.  32% of Americans think free speech from the Right incited murder. 11% have no idea about anything.   These numbers track for more than this poll.

57% get it.  Roughly 6 out of 10 Americans see the danger of illegal immigration, Obamacare socialized medicine, surrender to Islamists abroad and at Ground Zero, the folly of Homosexual Marriage and promoting open Homosexual behavior in the Armed Forces, and on and on.   This majority will split Left and Right on specific issues, but the majority holds on the big issues across America.  More in the South and non-Coastal West, of course.

Depending on the candidate, issue and campaign, 10% or so of this majority will Democrat.  And still not be barking moonbats.

32% are wrong.  Wrong on why this person committed evil acts.  Wrong on issue after issue.  Wrong on almost everything.  Although, certainly, some among them must be Redskins or Red Sox fans – and redeemable persons.

11% are clueless.  Not a surprise.  From the O.J. jury to the fans of daytime TV these Americans live in the bubble of their own blissful ignorance.   Usually, they don’t vote – hallelujah.

These numbers show real divides.  The dividing lines are many.   They can crisscross and often blur.  Describing them as Democrats vs Republicans is silly.  The divide is more serious than the career politicians who leverage differences for electoral advantage.  The chasm between the 57% and the 32% is fundamental.

Even calling it Conservative vs. Liberal is inadequate.

The Great U.S. Culture War (1962-Present) captures the conflicts.  Unfortunately, using this language sets off alarm bells, invokes disdain, and empty puzzled looks at the same time.  Yet, so it is.  The vitriol isn’t passion that is too impassioned.  It is the hatred that one side holds for the ideas, values, speech, and positions of the other.  The enemy.

Just as the Roman Emperor Diocletian said Christians were the enemies of humankind, so now Human Secularists and their Sissy Christian lackeys hate Evangelicals, practicing Roman Catholics and Orthodox and believing Jews.

The origins of our Culture War are directly traced to the conflict between the ideas of the American Revolution and French Revolution.  (Read Gertrude Himmelfarb among others).

America is a 57:32:11 Nation.  The 57 can’t speak any words the 32 will hear.  We still have to love them with agape lovingkindness.  And oppose them in everything they do.  Unless, of course, it is cheering for the Redskins or the Red Sox.




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