Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 9, 2011

The King’s Speech

An idea, a cause, a People, a Nation, a Civilization Must Have a Voice

Great movie.  Story, acting and cinematography.  The King overcoming stuttering was compelling enough.  Layer with the complex relationship and friendship with a commoner.  Focus with the urgency and importance of getting right the first wartime speech for the whole British Empire and Free World.  4 Stars.  2 Thumbs Up.  A movie I’d go see again.

Western Civilization needed the voices of King George VI, Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt and Charles DeGaulle in WWII.

How unfortunate that the cataclysm of violence that killed over 100 million people was followed so closely by another struggle for survival.  Western Civilization wrestled with Soviet Empire and Communist clients.  It took 45 years to defeat the Soviets.  Communism as an ideological threat was destroyed.

A decade later, Islamist terrorists put a new edge on the ancient struggle between Islam and Western Civilization.  Islam is a totalitarian ideology that threatens Western Civilization more than Nazi Human Secularism and Communist Human Secularism.

Western Civilization will need many voices for a long time.  A Voice for America to lead the West.  Many Voices speaking other than English.

And a new Voice for the United Kingdom to come back to Christ, convert Muslims, and provide heroic leadership – again – for Western liberties.





  1. Their history being our history, I’d hate to see what is coming in the next 5 to 10 years if our response to Islamic influences such as shariah law is similar to that of the UK. There really is no Western comparison for it — and that the secular West as succumbed to the lowest common denominator is a terrifying prospect. They will unfortunately discover that it is the wrong choice when it is too late.

    George Weigel’s “The Cube and the Cathedral” is a great book outlining this problem. And it is indeed a threat to American liberties and the American understanding of the term.

  2. Thanks, Shaun. The moral cowardice of the UK cave to Sharia is beyond appalling. The consequences will be terrible.

    Thanks for the book tip.

  3. Fine movie, probably the only current one worth seeing.
    Jim: I am not so sure that Communism as an ideology is dead. . .

    Another threat from Islam is that as the West becomes increasingly Moslem, democratically elected leaders will have to be more accommodating to them as they make up an increasingly larger percentage of the electorate. We are seeing this already in some districts in France, UK and Detroit.

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