Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 6, 2011

Why Muslims Murder Coptic Christians

Islamists in Egypt blew up 41 Coptic Christians coming out church.  Why did the Muslims murder Coptic Christians?

Because they can.  Because the Koran tells them to murder infidels.  Because the history of Islam has a history for murder from Mohammed’s first act of genocide (against Jews) in 627 AD.  Because the West will ignore the murders – so the Pope complains, so what.  Because powerful America will turn its Islam-friendly blind eye to any murders of Christians – especially if they are foreign Christians.

10% of Egypt is Christian.  Christianity was in Egypt for 600 years before the Muslims conquered it.  Islam came with the sword, not with missionaries.

God bless the courage of Coptic Christians who hold on to their faith relationship with God after centuries of persecution.   Centuries of d’himmitude.

The Muslims could murder them all.  Millions of Coptic Christians.  No one would stop them.  Europe fears its Muslim citizens and American political leaders fear the owners of oil and deviation from political correctness.

God bless these Christian martyrs.  God bless the Coptic Christian faithful flock.  Open a door for their immigration to the US as refugees.



  1. Bigotry is an ugly thing, but it is not exclusive to Muslims. Consider again.

    The Muslims could murder them all. Millions of Coptic Christians. No one would stop them. Europe fears its Muslim citizens and American political leaders fear the owners of oil and deviation from political correctness.

    The Muslims could have killed all the Coptic Christians long ago. Why do they still wait? It seems to me that people need someone to hate and belittle. Therefore, it is unusual to find a society without slaves, serfs, or outcasts of some sort. Even Christian societies find it difficult not to put some despised and tormented souls at the bottom of a pecking order.

    Even though the Coptic Christians are Christians, we do not easily relate to them. In fact, even though it happens here and there in various places, our leaders and our news media for the most part ignore the persecution of Christians — and anybody else who finds himself at the bottom of the pecking order.

  2. CT: I miss your main point. I got the last paragraph. Thanks for commenting.

  3. JAB – Nazism, Communism, feudalism, Caesarism, twisted interpretations of Christianity, …. — it is always some damned thing. Islam serves as just another excuse for might makes right.

    But before the “mighty” seek to destroy, they seek to dominate and exploit. If our parents and teachers have taught us the pleasure of watching our enemy bleed and die, then they have also taught us something else. If we torment the enemy instead of killing him, we can exploit his suffering far longer. In addition, the very fact the mighty can dominate and exploit the enemy serves as proof of their right to do so. Therefore, a dead enemy is less useful than one with a boot on his neck.

    If you uncertain about that boot on the neck, check with officials in the Obama administration. I understand that they are quite familiar with the concept.

  4. We as Americans watch and waite and warch but have no fear when the time comes we will react with vengence as we did with Hitler and Japan. You can take that to the bank

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