Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | January 4, 2011

Tailhook II or Big Buggery I

Navy CAPT Honors Owen’s career is over.  The years old ‘lewd’ video intros – that kept the crew laughing on the ship – suddenly became too offensive.  Why weren’t they super, over the top, career-ending offensive 4 years ago?  Because Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was in effect.

The message the Administration sent is about mocking homosexual behavior.  Das ist Verboten.  And, everyone needs to get their heads right.  Time for an attitude adjustment.  Re-education on what speech is offensive to homosexuals.

No joking about gays.  No chaplains preaching against sodomy.  And, if a homosexual propositions a normal guy, then the heterosexual better be really careful about how he turns the opportunity for perverted sex – or the victim will be guilty of gay-bashing.

Heads had to roll after Tailhook to get the Navy officer leadership right about not letting the boys act like boys.   The career killing that followed Tailhook was to encourage the others in other services.

I had seen far more lewd stuff than what I read about for Tailhook when I was in the Army —  pre-1980s.   With Officer participants.  The message was loud and clear.

There will be more messages sent so everyone knows the expectations of homosexual-friendly Armed Services.   Too bad for some careers.  Big Buggery One was just one Navy Captain going places no more.

Pandora’s very large of box of evil is kicked over, open and pouring out.



  1. It has indeed begun.
    Personally, I wonder about the responsibility of the CO while the XO was making and showing these to his command. Has he no responsibility for what happened on his ship by his own XO? What about the one star Battle Group Commander who was probably also aboard and watching these, do they bear no responsibility for what was allowed. What about Chairman Mullen who was CNO at the time? Does he bear no responsibility?
    Ever since Tailhook scared the Navy’s FOs, they have shown little courage. Before Tailhook there were real admirals, now they are just careerists. Why does the buck stop with the ship’s XO?

  2. with the change from DADT….and the timing, this is exactly what I was thinking. They now cannot be discharged for their sexual orientation…..I believe some gay servicemen/women have been holding on to the videos awaiting their chance to express their displeasure with the anti-gay rhetoric expressed by superior officers. Gays were probably frustrated that they could not voice their displeasure @ the perceived hostile climate. JMO.

  3. I heard a blub on the news about the near record number of Commanders relieved of their duty this past year. I wonder if these have been identified as Patriots that will not betray their Sacred Oaths of Office by blindly following orders. You would have to remove such men and castrate the rest through Gay Sensitivity Training and fear of reprisal if you were to succeed in overthrowing your country.

  4. Actually most that I have heard about or seen here in Tidewater who have been relieved over the past year or so have been for sexual issues. Usually fraternization with women sailors or sexual harassment of them, with the lone public exception of the women cruiser commander who was relieved for being a martinet.
    They don’t publish much about the fallout of having women in the military, but I can tell you that for the last ten years of my service EVERY discipline problem I had or heard of involving officers was sexual in nature all related to integrating women with men in military units. Not all by men, often the women initiated the affairs. Previous to that, officer problems usually had to do with money or classified material.

    Now that we have open homosexuals I expect more reliefs to include officers who won’t follow the politically correct line. but like the women issue, the press won’t cover it.

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