Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | December 21, 2010

The Darkest Day of the Year and

Winter Solstice 2010.  The shortest day of light, thus the darkest day of the calendar year.  When I started home from work, I saw the last arc of red sunset painted the clouds closest to the western horizon.  I praised the Lord that starting tomorrow the light would last longer.  I rejoice in the light, even though I find peace in the stillness of dark night.  And tonight was delighted by such a bright full moon recovered so well from its abrupt eclipse.

This music played on my car radio going and returning from work today.  I cranked it up as loud as a tricked out, boom boxed up ghetto car bass throbs.  I sing the chorus loudly – and off key I’m sure.  And, I just feel it.  I feel my praise for Him.

Listen and enjoy.  Thank you so much, Michael W. Smith.  I’m gonna buy this tune.

The darkest day ends and more light comes.  More and more.

Life is hope.  Hope is life.

CHRISTmas is Lord Jesus Christ.

God is life.  God is love.  God is laughter.  God is good.



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