Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | December 7, 2010

New Monument at Pearl Harbor Memorial

A new monument is proposed by the Council for American Shinto Relations next the beautiful white memorial floating above the sunken Battleship Arizona.  An elegant Shinto Temple will be built to float like a lotus blossom on a pool.  A pool that happens to be the watery grave to many U.S. sailors.  It’s all to promote better understanding than the arrogant, American jingoist rage shown in this video.

Most Japanese were peace-loving Buddhists.  A few militants hijacked a great religion and attacked America.  They incorrectly interpreted the teachings from their lovely 3,000 year old culture.  The Code of the Samurai is the gospel of peace.  It is about the inner struggle a sushi chef has working with such tiny bits of fish and rice all day.  It isn’t about war.

The atrocities that occurred everywhere the Japanese Imperial Army marched don’t represent Shinto Buddhism or Japanese culture or the Japanese people.  Clearly, Americans need to understand the Japanese better to appreciate why they opposed the attack on Pearl Harbor.   Why the Japanese should not be held responsible for the attack.

Finally, anyone who opposes a Japanese monument at Pearl Harbor is an evil racist.  A hate-monger spreading hate speech.  An intolerant bigot.   And, the Federal Government should help fund the memorial.



  1. If the purpose of the monument is to express remorse for the the horrendous obscenities the Japanese committed at Pearl Harbor and elsewhere, then that’s fine, but it should be funded by the Japanese government, not the U.S. I think that Buddhism is as much of a religion of peace as Islam – Japanese pilots and soldiers regularly worshipped and prayed before they attacked, eviscerated, tortured and somtimes cannabalized U.S. pilots, Marines, Soldiers, and their own civilians. The atrocities they committed against the Koreans and Chinese add to the testimony. This happened all too often for me to consider it the responsibility of an “arrogant few”. Moreover, the Japanese government has never owned up or repented of its guilt of these crimes. The Islamists that attacked Americans on 9/11 were no more or less pious than the Kamikazes.

  2. Doh! That’s not fair….

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