Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 28, 2010

Hymn from Today’s Worship

Praise the Lord I saw the light.

And the Praise Band had a banjo.   Wonderful, uplifting shot of energy at this start of the Advent season.

The time of year to remember that God came to Earth in a human body.  Baby Jesus is Lord from birth.  He lived a sinless life.  Then, He died to pay for each and every sin of thought, word or deed we ever commit.   Harsh payment, this atoning by the shedding of blood, but it is what allows us to be close in spirit and after death, physically, to Father God.  Jesus bodily rose from the dead to prove it all.

Can you see all of that?  Can you see His light?



  1. Christianity is suppose to be fun, and a song like that helps to prove it.

    • A close relationship with Jesus brings real joy. Makes all of life more fun. Better.

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