Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 23, 2010

TSA Hoisted On Own PC Petard

Don't get caught in the ropes or stand too close

The Transportation Safety Administration is a jobs program.  It’s a great way for High School graduates to start making $40k on day one.  It is less work than being a Mall Cop.  Never forget this.  It is a federal agency to make it a gold-plated jobs program.   Good benefits, guaranteed raises, and super retirement.

In the history of the TSA, they have never caught one terrorist.  Not one.  Zero.   But, the administrators know they need to make efforts to catch terrorists who precisely copy other terrorists who were stopped by passengers on aircraft.  When the technology creates awkward indecent exposure of individual Americans, the TSA needs to make sheeple comply.  The forceful pat downs are deliberate.  And they are stupid.

Bullies ALWAYS over reach.  ALWAYS.  So, TSA is pushing too hard.

They end up hoisting themselves on their own petard because they are PC.  Like all the governments in the US – every agency.

They don’t have the moral courage to do the full body scan for Muslims and people coming and going to Muslim countries.  That would follow a criminal ID.

Instead, they pat down soldiers in uniform, the old on walkers, the ill in wheelchairs and children.

Because the leadership of the TSA and their overseers in the Administration lack the tactical understanding of their enemy, the moral vision and the courage to only screen and pat down likely terrorists, they are over reaching.

Way too many Americans are too stupid about security or too meek as statist sheeple to speak other than nicely about the twin invasions of TSA full body exposure and sexual assault.  But, many are waking up.  Just like the Tea Party movement.   The politicians are listening – especially since the recent election.

The bullies are being hoisted on their own PC petard.

How will this wave break?



  1. They keep saying we can’t profile (regardless of sex, age, or native country, the one common denominator is Islam) because of civil liberties concerns. . .WHAT? Are violations of the fourth ammendment not civil liberties concerns?

  2. DV: Your note about the 4th Amendment is really important. I shoulda picked up on that earlier.

    The searches scream for profiling persons coming and going, or have ever been to certain countries, and anyone from one religion.

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