Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 7, 2010

Who Are Christi Parsons and Don Lee? And Why I Care

Paid Propagandist

From The Daily Press (Nov. 7, 2010), p 13, Obama seals Indian trade deals, by Christi Parsons and Don Lee.  Tribune Newspapers.

“Mumbai, India. Moving quickly to show a laserlike focus on the economy after a bruising midterm election, President Barack Obama announced a loosening of U.S. restrictions on trade with India and unveiled almost $10billion in new export deals he said could lead to some 50,000 American jobs. “

Really?  I expect such drivel from the President’s press secretary.   Not in a ‘news’ story.  So, who are Christi Parsons and Don Lee?  Are they shills who wrote what was given them or what?

Break – this commentary isn’t about the Leftist/Communist/Socialist/Islamist/Human Secularist/bed wetting/tree hugging/blah blah of media bias.  It is about incompetence.   Like what you see in the Obama administration, but in the paid press.

  • Laser-like focus on the economy. Where has this laser been since Jan 2009?  BHO extended and worsened the terrible policies of Geo W Bush in 08.   Then, the threat of those policies and more, drove the stock market down to kill far more than the $2 trillion housing bubble.  BHO has helped kill an additional $3T in capital.  The cost of a $5T loss = 10 MILLION JOBS.
  • Economic Ignorance.  Obama never studied economics at Harvard or Columbia.  I did, but I’m not in charge.  If  Obama’s records were open to the public, we could see how much of an affirmative action ‘gimme’ he was.  My bet is SATs that barely cracked 1000 and GRE/LSATs below the 50th percentile of test takers.  Obama’s focus on the economy is what his socialist advisors put on the teleprompter.  Period.
  • Bruising midterm election. Only bruising?  Like the knight’s flesh wounds in Monty Python’s In Search of the Holy Grail.   The biggest transition in 60 years (post WW II) and in tone like the rejection of Hoover in 1932 is CRUSHING, not bruising.
  • U.S. trade restrictions. Every former trade restriction existed in the U.S. Code because a corporate or union lobbyist got it put there.   The classical definition of politics is “who wins or loses”.   The lifting of every restriction created winners and losers in the U.S.   Get the details.  Follow the money.
  • 50k American jobs. Maybe.  Intellectually honest and curious reporters would find out who will lose their jobs now – in America – and who will get a job, at what wages, for how long. And which BHO political allies profited, how much, for how long.

Finally, India is expanding as the powerhouse it could always be for simple reasons.   They discovered capitalism.   It beats the living hell out of the socialism they foundered under since nationhood.  It’s like signing up to follow the Law of Gravity.   It works.  And, given the technological fruits of Western Civilization, India is leaping ahead in technology and wealth.  How it moves forward, or which direction it goes, among its many significant sub-cultures is an open question.

Whither goest thou, fair India?  Especially when so many Muslims live as Indian citizens.

So, who are Christi Parsons and Don Lee?  Why are they paid to write such propaganda?   Shouldn’t it be in the original Russian, Chinese or German?

I care about this.  It made me gag.  During breakfast, before worship at Church services and teaching Sunday School.  I don’t appreciate that.


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