Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | November 1, 2010

It’s the Constitution, Stupid


The Rule of Law starts with these words - as written in English


Heard the talking heads on NBC talking about the chief reasons voters are motivated.   After jobs, and taxes ‘n spending, the polls indicated returning the Nation to the Constitution.

That is the first time I have heard the Left Stream propagandists admit that any of the Tea Party energy came to restore the Constitution.    I was shocked and pleased.

It’s all about the Constitution.   The taxes, spending, entitlements – medicare, social security and welfare, legislating from the court bench, etc.

I’m highly encouraged that the Liberals in the Media would get the message.  No matter how much they don’t understand it or mess it up.

Speaking about the Constitution, I urge Virginia voters to vote No, No and Yes on the amendments.  Vote ‘no”to special tax privileges for injured veterans.  Yes to building up the Rainy Day Funding.

Happy Voting tomorrow.

Praise and thank the Lord for making you an American.   We are so fortunate to live here – and vote in the most powerful country in the world.   What a blessing to be an American.

Start plotting with Tea Party folks tomorrow night as we watch the returns.

Hooah x times.



  1. Thanks and Amen.

  2. Good crowd at the polling place this morning.
    My vote is cast (I hope) and now it is up to all the other voters to vote like it is 1776. Out with the King and his cronies. In with liberty.

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