Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 20, 2010

What the Constitution Says

Candidate for the U.S. Senate from Delaware

Watch CNN try to do a hatchet job on the Republican candidate.

CNN Attacks the Republican Candidate

So when the 1st Amendment says “Congress will not establish a religion,”  where does that mean there is a separation of church and state?  Or, that public schools can’t open with prayer?  That a valedictorian can’t mention Jesus in her speech.   And on and on.

Is the 1st Amendment what it says or what the conflicting, convoluted and crazy opinions made up by generations of Judges?  What is the Constitution – what is written or pages and pages of black-robed priest-king words?

Liberals and the law students laughing at Christine O’Donnell really believe the Constitution is what judges say it is.  Just like Justice Frankfurter said.

I disagree.

We need to keep working to hire new elected officials who will Forward the Constitution through this century – as it is written.  Not imagined.



  1. This whole exchange was heartbreaking. Your point, Jim, is absolutely right and should have been made. O’Donnell, however, completely failed to make that point. Either she didn’t get it either, or she was completely and utterly inarticulate.

  2. O’Donnell is lousy at journalistic ping pong. Or ‘gotcha’ moments. That will never be the venue for a vote in the Senate.

    I know you have to get elected to vote. These trials by word fire are part of the race. Sorry she isn’t stronger here.

    Too many pols are good at the banter and bad at voting with the Constitution. Would we could find enough who can do both well.

    Thanks, Joel. Great pic.

  3. After watching the video I thought that was the point she was making too but she didn’t really get it across very well.

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