Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 15, 2010

Geert Wilders: One small step for Western Civilization

The prosecutors are dropping the charges against Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders.  The judges may require them to press on.   If the case is dismissed, it will be a small step back from pulling the dark veil of totalitarian Islam over Europe.  Only one small step, but in the right direction.

The hate speech laws in Europe are so wrong its hard to list all their faults.  Those laws may have started as backlash to the anti-Semitic rhetoric which empowered the Nazis.  Even though anti-Semitism was only part of the Nazi human secularism totalitarianism.   Suppressing free speech to ban provocative speech creates the tool for different authoritarians to push a new totalitarianism on Europe – Islam.

Europeans need to repeal all their hate speech and hate crimes laws.  Americans need to do the same for whatever thought crimes we’ve included in our criminal codes.  Hate crimes = Thought crimes.  George Orwell was so right all along.

Geert Wilders actual speech against Islam is mild to my ears.   The outrage it provokes shows how far the European elites in power have bowed down to Islam.

Great win today.  Hope it is made complete.  Long, long way to go.



  1. Couldn’t agree with you more on this, JAB. Huge, huge step for Western Civilization.

  2. Thanks, Shaun. It is a pathetic commentary that this is a necessary win and it is so significant in these times.

  3. Hate crimes = Thought crimes

    That pretty much says it all. Funny thing is I don’t think some people care. That thought is exactly what they consider most abhorrent and want to punish. It is the disapproval that they consider the real crime.

    When we set out to punish the thoughts of others, we need to stop and consider what it is we are trying to accomplish. Are we trying to protect our rights or our ego?

    • Thanks, CT. Not surprised at unthinking, but hyper-feeling persons, not understanding the danger of hate crimes being on the books. But, then again, I’m not surprised that they don’t understand many things. Our Rights, the Rule of Law, economics, etc..

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