Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 14, 2010

Chilean Miners Miracle

Miracles do happen

Many mine accidents end as disasters.  Almost all plane crashes are deadly for all.  So, when every miner is rescued, it feels like a miracle.   When Sully makes a perfect water crash landing in the Hudson, it looks like a miracle.   Praise God for every wonderful time when the happy hope triumphs over tragedy.  When tears of joy warm cheeks instead of tears of anquish.

Look at what a miner had written on his jacket:

“Porque en su mano esta`n las profundedas de la tierra, y las Alturas de los montes son suyas, De El es la Honora y la Gloria.”

“Because in His hand are the depths of the earth and the heights of the mountains are His, For His is the Honor and the Glory”

And so are we all in His Hand.   “He’s got the whole world in His hands.”   Our names written in the Book of Life or not.

Christians know to praise our Lord Father God no matter what.   No matter what.

Miracles are rare indeed.  But, sometimes the cancer goes away.  The baby is born with no defects.  The injury heals completely.  The addict or alcoholic never goes back.  The unhealthy don’t repeat unhealthy habits and lifestyles.   The wounded people forgive.  The unloved find unconditional love.  Grace is given and received.

And we rejoice in the overwhelming gratitude which humbles us to our knees.

Thank You, Lord Jesus.



  1. 100% total truth. God is still on His throne.

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