Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 12, 2010

More Thanks to Christopher Columbus

Today is the actual date for Columbus Day.  Need to add a few more words on why the Western Hemisphere should give thanks to Christopher Columbus.   And why we should be so bold in the future on behalf of Western Civilization.

The multi-cultural moral equivalent of Christianity

When the Italian Christopher Columbus brought the Spanish to the New World, they didn’t suffer from Multi-Culturalism, PC, or Presentism.  They didn’t suffer from moral ambiguity, cultural insecurity, religious equivocalness and equivocating or national, racial, linguistic shame.

They had just won a 800 year war, the Reconquista, to reclaim their land from Moslem occupation.  Almost 800 years of brutal warfare.

The Spanish were confident as men, soldiers, and Catholic Christians.  Spanish men and women knew their purpose in life.  For cross, King and Queen – their country.  For family and fortune.  For fame and new futures.

As soon as the Spanish met the Aztecs they knew what they had to do – defeat them.  T.R. Fehernbach describes the first encounter.   After a Spanish ship – mountains on the sea to the Indians – was seen, Montezuma ordered a watch on the coast.   As soon as the first ship landed, an ambassador was rushed to meet the Spanish.   This high-ranking official greeted the Spanish by immediately cutting out the hearts of two men with an obsidian knife.  Welcome to the world of the Aztecs.

The Spanish knew, immediately,  how far Aztec paganism was from Christianity.   How far below.  How evil.

They had just defeated the inferior and evil Islam – and banished it from the Iberian peninsula.

The Spanish Catholics weren’t confused about Islam or the Aztecs.

We, all Christians and Jews today, shouldn’t be confused either.   About current Islam or modern pagans – Human Secularists.

We can thank Columbus for having the courage to complement his vision.   His vision was to advance Christianity.

If “even the gates of Hell can not prevail against the Church,” then the Church must be attacking the very gates of Hell.  Go on the offense.  Attack.  March forward, Onward Christian Soldiers.

Maybe our Reconquista can begin by stopping the Victory Mosque at Ground Zero.  Save that piece of America from Moslem desecration.


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