Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 11, 2010

Another Reason to Celebrate Columbus Day


The spirit that came to the Americas


Columbus is the bridge from El Cid to Cortez.  Christopher Columbus provided the path for the Spanish Catholic Christian culture to span the Atlantic.  He opened the way for the Portuguese, Dutch, French, and English to bring their cultures.  The Italian sea captain’s success made him the Admiral of the Seas.  And, Western Civilization conquered two continents.  Good news for the world.  And, a key reason to remember in our World War IV Against Islamists.

The Moslems closed the trade routes to India.  Columbus offered to go West to find a new route to India.   The Year was 1492.   1492 was more than Columbus sailing the ocean blue, it was the end of the Reconquista.  The Spanish took Spain back from the Moslems.

The Moslem Moors conquered the Christian Iberian peninsula from 711-718.  It took almost 800 years to take it back.  In the 11th century El Cid became a national hero for his victories over the Moors.  The spirit of El Cid was a warrior culture confident in their Christian faith.  Dedicated to the liberation of their land from the Moslems.  Resolute to keep up the fight generation after generation.   Never quitting.  Confident in themselves and their God.

The same spirit was in Cortez and the Conquistadors.   Their confidence in their military prowess and the power of their Catholic faith lead them to incredible victories against impossible odds.  The courage, reinforced by religion, that sustained centuries of combat against the Moslem invaders carried the Spanish culture to overwhelm the pagan Indians.  They were made for the times – and circumstances.

Unfortunately, the pride that pushed forward for so many battles to conquer, was the wrong way to assimilate Indians as equals in Christ.   The golden opportunity after the miracle at Guadalupe was lost on the Spanish.

.  T.R. Fehernbach describes the moment and the unadaptable culture that missed that moment in his history of Mexico.

Even so, we have a lot to learn from El Cid, Cortez and the culture that defeated the Moslems and the pagans – and transformed world history.   Look at the ideas that sustain and support through centuries of long, long war against implacable foes of Christianity and Western Civilization.

Thanks for finding the way West, Christopher Columbus.


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