Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 10, 2010

Giving the Keys Back to Establishment Republicans

Hearing the Socialist Democrat talking barb about “letting the Republicans have the keys to the car to the drive the economy in the ditch again,” I recalled what Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said yesterday.  Cooch made a pointed comment about the expansion of government and spending when Republicans were in the majority with President George W. Bush in office.

Ex-senators George Allen and Rick Santorum kept their practiced politician smiles.  But you could feel the ‘whoosh’ of Cooch’s back hand to them both.

It reminded me of my 2006 op ed – right before the Establishment Republicans in Congress blew it.

See it below to understand why I am concerned that the Republican majority can blow it again from 2010 to 2012.  I hope they listen to the Tea Party.  Read the Constitution.  Try their best to re-instate the Constitution as written.

From 2006:

So What If We Republicans LoseThe National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) sent me an email screaming the “Democrats put their political ambitions in front of the best interests of our nation by blocking Republican efforts to strengthen Border Security.” But, that’s impossible. Republicans are the majority in the Senate. Republicans are the majority in the House. President Bush is a Republican. Nothing can stop the Republicans from acting in the best interests of the Nation with our government, when Republicans are the majority – except the Republicans. Republicans, not Democrats, are the problem. 

The Republicans have only themselves to blame for the failing the best interests of the Nation with the illegal alien invasion, spending, taxes, gas prices, medicines, judges and social security. Yet, the email had four ‘donate’ buttons to click on. Mark Stephens , NRSC Executive Director, wrote that I needed to get mad – three times.

“Get mad because today – more illegals crossed our borders – some with drugs, some with contraband – maybe even some with a weapon of mass destruction – and the Democrats don’t care.”

So what if the Democrats don’t care? What have the Republicans done – TODAY – to control the borders and enforce the laws as they are?

The NRSC email made me mad alright. But, I’m angry at the Republicans. That’s bad because I’m a Republican activist. I’m elected to official Republican Party positions at the city, congressional district, and state levels. Recently, a senior citizen shook my hand and asked, “How are you doing, Mr. Republican?” Even as I know that I’m a small fish in a big political pond, I believe I represent many Republican voters. We’re the ones who are Conservatives.

We’re not the elected politicians who are Conservatives of convenience. Not the paid advocacy and lobbyists who are ‘professional’ Conservatives. We’re the Conservatives of conscience, conviction and commitment. As such a man, I say, “So what if we Republicans lose the majorities?”

Since, the Newt Gingrich Contract with America in ’94 and the hard fought wins in ’00, ’02, and ’04 the Conservatives have gained ground on three issues.

1.  America fought back like Americans against the Islamists in WW IV – including the right war, wrongly micro-managed by Rumsfeld, to depose the rogue threat in Iraq.

2.  Two Supreme Court justices may prove to be more strict Constitutional Constructionists than their predecessors.

3.  A temporary tax cut fuels the economy.

These very good things are worthy of praise and thanks. But, not eternal political debt. So, what if the Democrats win in November ’06?

1.  The President may have to fight baseless impeachment charges.

2.  The momentum may build to elect HRH Hillary I.

So what? The Republican majority was useless, incapable, incompetent and impotent to do what is important and vital.

1.  Failed to maintain national sovereignty – close the border and enforce the law

2.  Failed to make the tax cuts permanent and continue cutting taxes

3.  Failed to get all judges an up or down vote

4.  Failed to cut spending

5.  Failed to expand energy supplies – new drilling in Alaska and the oceans

6.  Failed to reform Medicare/Medicaid, but expanded a drug entitlement

7.  Failed to privatize Social Security, but spent the Social Security surplus

The Democrats can’t do much worse for two years. The Conservative voters, the margin of victory, who came out in ’94 to reject Hillary Care, didn’t come back in ’96 or ’98. They came out better in ’02 and ’04 than in ’00, but the trust and good will well is empty.

The best part of losing the majority is that Liberal and ‘Moderate’ Republicans will lose their seats, not Conservatives in Conservative districts. It clears the way for Conservatives to challenge the authentic, real deal Liberals – the Democrats. Sooner or later, the Conservatives’ ascendant ideas will carry a Conservative Republican majority into power.

It might not be a large majority because the Culture War so evenly cleaves the electorate. But, with Conservatives elected, it will be a working Conservative Republican majority, unlike the weak, useless Republican majority we have today. Perhaps a rebuked, chastised new majority in ’08 will be more faithful to Conservative principles and less adultery for cheap power.

Likewise, many Conservatives that stay home in ’06 may stay home in the ’08 Presidential election, if there isn’t a Conservative champion. If no candidate will close the borders and keep them closed while enforcing the laws – before we, as Nation, sort out what to do with millions of illegal aliens – then no candidate deserves a vote.

James Atticus Bowden

James Atticus Bowden has specialized in inter-disciplinary long range ‘futures’ studies for over a decade.  He is employed by a Defense Department contractor.  He is a retired United States Army Infantry Officer.  He is a 1972 graduate of the United States Military Academy and earned graduate degrees from Harvard University and Columbia University.  He holds three elected Republican Party offices in Virginia.  Contact at

The Congressional session that starts in Jan 2011 is a new day.  We’ll see if the Establishment Republicans have learned, changed, evolved, grown enough to govern for the good of the Country.


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