Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 9, 2010

A Few Words on the Virginia Tea Party Convention

A few words to share now.  Maybe more later.

Two big points.

1.  The Tea Party movement is alive, growing and gaining energy – across Virginia.

2.  Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is the real deal, political rock star.  And, while George Allen and Bob McDonnell may dream of being President of the United States of America, Ken may actually do it.

I’m mulling my musings.  Loved meeting old political buddies and making a few new ones.  Some good quality time with great people who live and breath the values and principles that matter – and serve The Good People of Virginia with their political activism.

Great job, Jaime Radtke.





  1. Agree, James! Great event, and Cuch brought down the house. One word came to mind as he spoke to multiple standing ovations: Reaganesque. My family thanks God for him daily. He has drawn a line in the sand at a time that the people are crying out for strong leadership. He certainly can ride the wave of conservative enthusiasm as far as he wants to go.

  2. Thanks, Atticus. Team players must make some tough decisions. Voting the party should not mean sacrificing one’s principles: the principles that attracted them to the GOP when they read the Creed.

  3. Couldn’t agree more, Lori.

    Cary, the appalling hypocrisy of Republican politicians at every level becomes an astounding arrogance if we The People don’t challenge them.

    Thanks for all you’ve done – and will do – to run new candidates.

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