Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | October 5, 2010

The Problem of No Prots

With the swearing in of Associate Justice Kagan on the Supreme Court of the United States, (SCOTUS), there are no Protestants on the Supreme Court.   It hasn’t gotten to the point of putting out a sign, “Prots need not apply”, yet.   But, religion – as it affects worldview – matters among justices.  Especially since the Courts have usurped the power as would be black-robed priest-kings.  And both the federal Legislature and Executive shirk their duty to check and balance the courts – to  just tremble at their words.  So, it matters who is in the SCOTUS.

The key division, more than religion, as far as the predicate of worldview is the division of 4 Liberal Human Secularists vs 4 Conservative American Civilizationists and one swinging, hanging chad.

The fact that all 4 Conservatives are Roman Catholic isn’t a concern.  American Roman Catholics think like Protestants politically – more than less.   Having a token Liberal Protestant would be just another Sissy Christian servant to Secular Humanism.   No gain.   But, the absence of several real Evangelical Protestants is disturbing.

Ignore the true diversity issue of no representation for the religious majority of Americans.   But, consider the nature of Evangelical Protestants.  From key  roots of the American Revolution among Dissident Protestants to the shaping function on all of American culture.  And many sub-cultures.

The nature of Evangelical Protestants is to distrust hierarchical authority.   To the point of contempt.

That fire in the belly to love the rule of law – like Biblical authority – and distrust the rule of men – like church hierarchies – is a key aspect of America that should be in SCOTUS.

Furthermore, the Evangelical Prots are more likely to be strict constructionists of the Constitution.  Just as they are Biblical scholars and believers.   If they stoop to making up the Constitution as they make up decisions, they are more likely – I believe – to make up more freedom for individuals and less power to government.  It’s part of their culture and history.

Yet, I’m sure President Bush went weak in the knees at the idea of some strong Evangelical – likely a Pentacostal such as the Assembly of God or a Southern Baptist – going through the Senate hearing process.   The appointees’  claim of Biblical truth would make the Left Stream Propaganda media go nuts.   Very loudly.  So that 2001-2006 window closed – and the toughest hearings on judges were avoided.

The Senate and Presidential Republican cowardice is America’s  loss.  For a goodly while it appears.

The problem of no Prots is one of worldview.   It’s a loss to not have one of the mainstream – and majority –  contending views on temporal authority and Constitutional freedoms present for duty in the adjudication place of ideas.



  1. Wordlview is the key. Unfortunately, we are losing that battle in the schools, neighborhoods and too many churches.

    The first question is fill in the blank.

    “God is ______.”

    If you answer: dead, a myth, irrelevant, in all of us etc it leads to conclusions about all other issues.

    If you answer: Jesus, omnipotent, etc it leads to completely different conclusions.

  2. DV: Very focused. Good litmus test for worldview. Which is precisely why Evangelical Prots are needed in the SCOTUS. Not generic or Sissy Christian Protestants, but Evangelicals.

  3. Does anyone know of any Evangelical Judges or lawyers that would make good nominees?

  4. CB: Good question. I am sure there are some Federal judges with the right worldview. If I remember correctly, the immigrant from El Salvador that Bush couldn’t get on the Court of Appeals is an Evangelical – and I recall two lady justices from TX and CA that the Libs are terrified of.

    Kagan has never been a judge. Using her precedent, Jay Sekulow would be an excellent choice for SCOTUS.

  5. Evangelical anything would be bad for SCOTUS.

    Anyone who thinks the world was created in 6 days should not be allowed to judge anything. Even the pope sides with evolution.

    “Learn” and “indoctrinate” are not synonyms. We learn evolution, and are indoctrinated with creationism.

    Re: Left Stream Media – why is it that all of a sudden the polls are changing their tune, why would the media be pushing the left agenda.

    The left agenda is largely changing to full disclosure and anti-big-corporations – something I’m sure none of these large media outlets want whatsoever.

    I do think however that even “Sissy Christians” deserve some form of representation, they are after all Americans.

    And so are atheist, who also deserve a voice.

    To deny someone a voice based on creed is against the constitution – something the tea party (I’m assuming you’re a supporter) apparently is trying to support to it’s fullest…even though one of it’s members doesn’t understand it at all (O’Donnel).

    I’m very interested in open dialog, and enjoy hearing different views – even if they are different at the very core of my being.

    My apologies if I offend you to the point of anger. I say this because you mention “right worldview” in one of your responses. Whether you meant “Right” as in Conservative, or “Right” as in “Correct” (because the correct worldview is one which would align with yours I’m assuming), both are extremely close minded and will only slow our progress to a better world.

    Good luck with your message, you’ll need as more an more people realize that religion is bullshit.

  6. Dave B: Thanks for taking the time to write and offer an apology for any offense. No apologies needed. No offense taken. Why would anyone be angry about the silly little things you wrote?

    You didn’t understand my post. You presume too much, incorrectly, about a person being an Evangelical. And, you are way off on the Constitution – try reading it.

    If you are a Liberal, then you know a lot about anger.

    You are right about religion being BS. Especially, Human Secularism.

    Every man-made artifice in religion contains errors, faults – call it sin. This includes the Christian denominations. Which is why having a relationship with the one, only, true, living God is so much better.

    You can know God through a relationship with one person, Jesus. You can read how to do that and what it means in the Holy Bible. You can see how it transforms lives by looking around you. You can understand how it shaped America – and should still from the SCOTUS – by reading history.

    This is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it!

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