Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 11, 2010

The Teachable Moment in Burning Korans

When Muslims burn books it isn't new news

Obligatory Disclaimers: Pastor Terry Johnson’s stunt to burn Korans is

  • Gauche.   It’s crude to burn books.  It’s rude to burn books that other religions think are holy.  No matter how screwed up, backward and evil the books are.
  • An Unnecessary Provocation.  It’s a deliberate insult to Muslims to burn the Koran.  Polite people don’t do that.
  • Tainted by Past Actions.   Book burning is associated with historically oppressive attempts to squelch free thought and speech.  Or, freedom of religion.  All former suppressions failed.  And the iconic memory of book burning survived as a hated symbol to free people.
  • Encourages the Appeasers. Book burning invokes a syrupy, self-righteous defense of Islam simply out of revulsion to any book burning.  It aids and abets the wrong people and terrible ideas.

Yet, burning Korans, if and when someone chooses to do so, is a teachable moment for Islam.  The teaching points include:

1.  Muslims don’t have a right to NOT be offended. Tolerance, even for the religion (Islam) that is part of the cultural identity of your barbaric civilizations, doesn’t mean you can’t be offended.  Taking offense is in the eye, ear, mind, heart and soul of the offended person.  Expect to be offended often in free, civilized societies.

2.  Free speech really means free speech.   Especially free religious speech.  If people want to mock Islam, as Elijah did Baal and Asheroth, they can.   Other people can say the same mean, hateful things you say about non-Muslims – about Muslims.  To your face.  You can’t suppress what other people think and say – with the totalitarian submission that is Islam.

3.  Don’t riot and kill people. Protesting is fine, if it is orderly.  Speaking out against folks who burn Korans is welcomed.  You can even give the people who burn Korans a stern look.  But, that it is it.  Declaring fatwas and getting young people to blow themselves up is too much a  7th century way mentality.

4.  Reform Your Religion. If Muslims don’t want the Koran to be burned, fix it.   Fix Islam.  Have a Renaissance, a Reformation, an Enlightenment, and a couple of Great Awakenings.  Catch up the 800 years Islam is behind, and thus more barbaric than,  Western Civilization.   It will help you end the Sunni vs Shi’ite Muslim murdering.

Behave.  Just copy the civilized behavior of the West in the face of the many provocations of murder, rape, robbery, arson, mutilation, d’himmi suppression that Christians suffer from Muslims today.



  1. They don’t need to reform their religion, they need to turn to Christ. Otherwise their just biding their time until they join Muhammed in hell.

  2. their = they’re

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