Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 9, 2010

They Need a Koran Book Burner

They – Liberal Human Secularists, their Muslim allies for the moment, and their Sissy Christian lackeys – need a book burner.  They need a face and voice for their anti-Christian narrative.

Enter Pastor Terry Jones – the preacher shepherding a tiny flock of 50 folks.   What do the actions of 50 Christian people have to do with over 2 billion Christians?  How do 50 persons represent 2 billion?  They don’t, except to the Main Stream Media (MSM).

The people who insist the Islamists, who are 10% of 1.4 billion Muslims (=140 million fanatics), don’t represent Islam, must promote Terry Jones to give a face to their caricature of Christianity.  Pastor Jones gives them a Christian villain they need for the PC hierarchy of evil.  Jones gives them an excuse to exercise moral equivalence between Islam and Christianity.   Where none exists.   But, where it is essential to establish the Liberal narrative.

Book burning conjures up the negative images the Liberals need so desperately.   Nazi’s spring to mind.


NAZi Human Secularists burning books

And so it goes.

I’ll post later on the teachable moment this book burning stunt is for the barbarians to learn about Western Civilization.

Much to ponder in this brouhaha.

The Liberals/Progressives/Socialists really need Terry Jones and his proposed Koran burning.

A greater and sadder truth goes to what provocations radicalize and what radicalization recruits Islamist warriors and co-belligerents.

You see, long pause… the long, long War between Islam and Western Civilization began with Mohammed’s first genocide in 627 AD.  Hundreds of millions of Muslims are not co-belligerents, allies, with the Islamists today.  But, during the course of a war, all wars, sooner or later there are no neutrals.  I tried to make that point in my novel, Rosetta 6.2.

If Pastor Terry Jones burns a Koran, many Muslims will be offended by Western Civilization in general and America in particular, some Muslims will be provoked to commit barbarian acts and more Muslims will be enlisted to fight us.

If Pastor Terry Jones never burns a Koran, many Muslims will be offended by Western Civilization in general and America in particular, some Muslims will be provoked to commit barbarian acts and more Muslims will be enlisted to fight us.

And so it goes.




  1. Is your argument that Burn a Koran day ought not to have been covered at all by the MSM or that the type of coverage it received has been slanted against Christians (or both)?

  2. Both.

  3. I am a bit surprised that Gen Petraeus commented on this as he did. He should have his hands full with Operation HAMKARI which is now underway. This preacher’s stunt wasn’t in the news until Petraeus condemned it and said it threatened our troops then it exploded. I wonder if he fell into this or the WH encouraged this. Doubtful he would make controversial “unapproved” press statements particularly following McCrystal’s experience.
    But otherwise this would have been so obscure that few would have heard of it.

    That said, I don’t condone burning the Koran publicly. That serves no purpose but to provoke a reaction. Much like picking a fight by going out of your way to insult someone.
    However, Christians should be very cautious about jumping on the “Koran is good as are most Moslems” bandwagen. The bottom line is that the Koran isn’t just a bad book, It is an evil book much the same as Glen Beck’s Book of Mormon. We don’t need to burn them but should avoid them and never accept the moral equivalence of these writings with the Holy Bible.

  4. Definitely agree on the former count – I don’t see why the planned actions of fifty or fewer individuals in Florida are worthy of international news coverage. Some of the stories I’ve read seem to attempt to implicitly justify their coverage by pointing out the fact that the “Burn a Koran Day” facebook page had 8,000 fans – but 8000 is not all that many in the world of facebook and it’s not clear how many of those are the result of the MSM coverage, rather than the cause of it.

    I also don’t know which news outlets to blame because once a few outlets give the story some coverage, the event becomes newsworthy by that fact alone and the rest of them have not choice but to follow suit. But, bottom line is your point that the actions of 50 christians have nothing at all to do with the actions of the other 2 billion, or with anything newsworthy at all, for that matter.

    Having said that though, the news articles I’ve read on the subject seem more easily explained by crass commercialism rather than anti-Christian bias for a number of reasons including: the fact that they never fail to point out Rev. Jones dubious background, the fact that his congregation is small, and the fact that most Christian organizations (conservative and otherwise) have condemned what Rev. Jones is doing. There may be some articles out there that use this story to portray Christianity as a whole in a negative light, but I have not seen them.

  5. I enjoy your blog btw – I don’t comment all that much but I read it a lot.

  6. Dry Viking: I don’t get it either – about Dave Petraus speaking up. Woulda been better to ignore.

    CB: I am incapable of drawing the line between crass sensationalism and cynical narratives when it comes to journalists. But, I suspect that you are correct in finding more greed motivating the journalists on this story. It serves both purposes.

    Thanks for being one of my 3 readers!

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