Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 7, 2010

Labor’s Golden Opportunity

Labor unions have a golden opportunity to advance in this century as the protector and servant of the American worker and his family.   The golden opportunity is all about gold.  It’s about preserving capital and making it work rightly.  As opposed to destroying capital following every failed socialist, class warfare folly of the past century.

The Greedcap. Unfortunate name I thought up in the 90s.  But, goes to the issue of disparity between the highest and lowest paid workers in a company.  Labor should establish a ratio that fairly pays people according to their individual contributions to the profits of the company.   It could be 7 to 1, 12 to 1, or 20 t0 1 – whatever – from the CEO to the minimum wage worker.  Now, (drum roll), every dollar above that ratio paid to everyone at the ‘greedcap’ should be shared.  It should be shared, because the gains – beyond the 7 to 1 or 12 to 1 etc ratio – were not solely the work of the highest paid persons.  Yes, they may have made brilliant deals, etc. but at some point the success of the corporation depends on the good work of everyone in the corporation.

If the minimum wage worker cleaning the bathrooms doesn’t do their job, it matters.  If anyone doesn’t do their job there is a cost to the corporation.  All workers share the risk if the company fails.  They don’t have golden parachutes.  So, as they share risk, share the gain.  Like, for every extra dollar in pay – or cash value of perks – for folks at the greedcap give 50% to the individual and put 50% in the common pot to fatten the 401k, Healthcare, School loans, etc for all workers.

There are moral principles at work.  No man’s retirement, health for their family, education for their children,  or legal services is more important than another man’s.  So, share the gain by putting a fair share money in the common pot of investments for retirement, healthcare, education, or legal services.

Let unions bargain collectively for what the greedcap and fair share will be.   Take the moral high ground.

Of course,that would mean making public the wages and perks for union fat cat leadership public – and in line with what corporations must do.

Corporations can still pay multi-million dollar salaries for the best talent.   And, at the same time put millions into investments for the workers.  They were all part of the one team, one fight for success.

Do NOT go the socialist way of a pay czar.  Make it the case for the moral suasion and responsibility of unions.

Expand Energy. The more the U.S. increases the energy supply, the lower the price.  The cheaper the energy, the lower costs for business.  The lower costs for business, the more competitive companies can be to stay in America and hire American workers.

Eliminate Corporate Taxes. Corporate taxes are just consumer taxes.  Eliminate them to make corporations more competitive to stay in America and hire American workers.

Tort Reform. Make the law serve The People, not enrich a class of lawyers.  Not drive the cost of business up to drive businesses out of America.

These should be union issues.   Not homosexual marriage and racial quotas.  And definitely not the amnesty that will drive down wages.


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