Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | September 6, 2010

Labor Day 2010: Still Pro-Union and Anti-Union Boss

I’m pro-Union and anti-Union Boss.  I see the need for unions in the past and an important roles for unions in the future.  But, the Liberal and Socialist Uni0n leadership betrays workers as much as the so-called Civil Rights leadership has betrayed Blacks since the late 1960s.  You could almost say I was born into this attitude.

My name, Atticus, comes from a union man, Atticus W. League (1881-1961).   My Grandfather.  He was a brakeman and conductor on the railroad.  Family legend is that he had to leave West Tennessee in 1905 because in addition to working on the railroad, he was  a union organizer.    It was going to get very unhealthy for him in Tennessee.  He worked in Arizona for another 50 years until he was forced to retire in his 70s.

My grandfather was a devout Christian.  He loved working.  He was a capitalist who invested his money wisely and well.  He was what was honorable about unions.

Some years after he died, my Grandmother gave me his legacy.   More than the watch with the gold nugget attached, but like me carrying his name.  Not a piece of property, car or trust fund.  She gave me his union card.   With as much ceremony as she could muster.  I understood the honor attached.  I got it.

I still do.

Power corrupts.  Power abuses.  Power responds to power -alone.

So, when government power abuses individuals, we, The People,  have the law.  When companies abuse individuals, we, The People,  have unions.  Unions have the moral obligation to protect and serve individual workers.

Unions should not be supporting homosexual marriage, or every other Liberal folly.  Or, trying to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs-capitalism.  Etc.

In the 1990s I thought of the role the unions could play to deal with the widening pay gap between the highest and lowest paid workers.  I called it Greedcap.   Of course, it didn’t use the punitive powers of the government to redistribute wealth to enrich the union leadership.   I’ll write it up again later.

Unions had a great heritage.   I still support the rank and file union workers for everything they do to support their families.   I stand against the corrupt, corpulent union bosses for every stupid, socialist idea they shout.



  1. What a powerful testimony to the man who was your grandfather! You carry that name well and do it honor. Please continue speaking in truth and with great insights. We need much more of this in our country today!

  2. You are too kind, Ken. Thanks.

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