Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | July 14, 2010

Virginia Government Reform Town Hall


Virginia Governor Bob McDonell has a panel holding town halls across Virginia.  The subject is government reform.   I spoke my 3 minutes of citizen time when the panel visited The Peninsula yesterday.

My comments as best I remember them, or would like to remember them, were the following 3 points:

  • Someday soon the Federal government is going to be reduced to its constitutional limits.  When healthcare, welfare, old age insurance – social security, and other powers usurped over the past century are returned to the states, the Commonwealth of Virginia needs to be ready.  Virginia needs to start planning how we want to exercise our legitimate state powers.  The Commonwealth needs to start planning now.
  • The last exercise in tax reform was all about politics.  Virginia needs to study every tax.   Why is any coin claimed by the Commonwealth?  What is the relationship of the tax and the function of government?  There is a principle – tax capital once.  Only once.
  • Capital has changed.  From the Agrarian Era to Industrial Era to Information Era capital remains the measure of wealth.  It is the agreed on value of goods and services.  And, now it is also a commodity.  Capital can be grown like crops were on land.  The government needs to tax capital once and very lightly.   Virginia needs to grow capital to grow wealth and opportunity. 

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