Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | July 9, 2010

The Mosque at Ground Zero

This is an articulate voice of Western Civilization.   His clarity is like Churchill without the growl. 

He is right that diversity is important to the U.S.   But, diversity was, and is, important for the individuals who came here.   Adventurers, refugees, dissidents, slaves, prisoners, starving poor and opportunists came to America and took part in expanding the promise of liberty in the Declaration of Independence  allowed everyone to  be all they could be.  Nothing about their culture or former country really mattered, because they all – until now – assimilated as good Americans as well as improved as good Christians and Jews.   Immigrants added good food, music and more good looking women to America.   They didn’t add ideas.  America and American are ideas.  Immigrants embraced the ideas, but not the origin of the ideas, as their own.

Our culture isn’t diverse.   Our ethnicity and religious denominations are diverse.  Our countries of origin and former languages are diverse.  Our ideas are uni-cultural – singular and exceptional.  They became “American” on July 4th, 1776.

We have a culture war today because the Liberal Human Secularists want to impose the ideas of the French Revolution on the U.S.  They are dressed up for our present day, but they are the same predicates for totalitarianism.   Worse, still, is how the Liberals/Socialists/Progressives promote their fellow totalitarianism – Islam.   The useful fools think they can use Multi-culturalism Political Correctness to oppress Christians and Jews – and still seduce Muslims with their version of a socialized and licentiuous Western Civilization with the situtional ethics of making-it-up-as-we-go-along. 

This mosque at Ground Zero is an oozing sore upon an open wound.  If New Yorkers can’t or won’t stop its building, then the measure of the health of our civilization will be the day it is bought and demolished or occupied by civilized occupants who use for any purpose other than a mosque.



  1. Thank God for the free internet as without it we wouldn’t hear the few sane voices like this man’s.

    Why won’t our leaders stand up and speak the truth about what is happening? Why won’t we insist on only electing such leaders?

  2. Christian Street Preachers are on trial in Deerborn, Michigan after Some Muslim Fanatics complained. The following are my comments that go hand in hand with this article. Wake Up America, we are under attack from our own government and also by a surge of Illegal Invading immigrants from other nations.

    Now, if these Street Preachers had been New Black Panther Party Members preaching Kill White Crackers and Their Babies, they would have never been arrested and would never have to face court. In today’s Obama World, Wrong is Right and Right is Wrong. We have an internal Revolution Going On In this Country and it is The Government That Is Revolting Against WE, The People, and then Protecting and Defending The People’s Enemies, both domestic and foreign. Wake Up America, Dearborn, Michigan is the Scene of Things To Come if we do not Stop This Muslim Invasion. Also, we have to Stop The Illegal Immigrant Invasion from the South. What is not being reported to the average everyday working man and woman in the USA is that many of the Illegal Immigration Invasion participants are radical Islamic Terrorists, and they are also recruiting Converts From the Illegal Veggie Pickers and Laborers. Wake Up America, we are under Assault from Within and Our Own Government Refuses to Do It’s Primary Job, and that is To Protect, Serve and Defend the U.S. Constitution, The Nation’s legal citizens, Our Borders, Air Space and Ports of Entry. We are under a Full Scale Surge of Illegals entering this country and the Gate Keepers, which is the U.S. Border Patrol are ordered to Stand Down. In a military conflict, these sorts of orders would be Treason. And, as far as I am concerned, Obama, many in the U.S. Congress and many department heads, including Eric Holder, are guilty of treason and sedition, and at the least are guilty of Irresponsible and Reckless Behavior and Incompetence.

    Islam, at best, is a cult, and in fact, is actually a political movement that professes and encourages it’s Cult Followers To Murder Anybody That They are Unable To Convert by the Word or By The Sword. Islam should be outlawed in the USA as it is a political system aimed at Infiltrating and Subjugating The Host. And, we, my Friends are the Host Nation right now. And like any Parasite, Islam will eventually Destroy the Host. Leave your dog unattended and Allow Fleas and Ticks to Infest him/her, and see what happens. Your dog, the Host for Fleas and Ticks Will Die a Painful and Drawn Out Death. We, as a nation Are Hosting Parasites from the world over and our own Government Is Protecting and Defending the Parasites. Even a dog can Scratch and Gnaw away at some of the Fleas and Ticks, but we as a people, are being denied this Act of Survival By Our Own Government Forces who Jail Us If We do anything to Bring Attention to the Parasites and Their Aims of Sucking the Host Dry of it’s lifeblood, and eventually totally Destroying The Host once the Parasites Out Number and Become More Populous and Powerful than the Host Nation. This is how Islam Works, Is Practiced and Taught in the Koran itself. The Koran is not a Spiritual Book. It is a Plan Of Attack, a Military Strategy whose sole purpose is to Subjugate and Destroy all in it’s path if there is any opposition at all.

  3. The goal of immigrants in years past was to make certain that their children became Americans. Today, becoming American seems to be an embarrassment or exception for all too many immigrants. When we cease dreaming about being Americans, our American dream will find itself a vestige of our collective memory. Remember and hold onto that dream my friends!

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  5. JAB – sorry to have been away for so long. Enjoyed your posts from England and the devotionals are superb.

    Re the mosque in New York, what would be the mechanism by which the government would halt its construction? I realize that there are zoning controls, but the rationale would have to be one that would bar any religious structures, I would think. Regardless of what one thinks of Islam, I would not think it possible under our system to halt the construction of the mosque simply because it’s a Muslim place of worship.

  6. Thanks for the comments – and impact attaboy from Citizen Tom.

    NoVa Scout: Imagine every legal, financial, safety etc ploy that would be use if the Church of the Aryan Nation was building a cathedral to white supremacy there. The bureaucrats would become proactive and inventive in stopping the stinking pile from being built.

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