Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | July 6, 2010

What the Bible Said

July 5th and 6th brings us Psalms.   The Psalms cover almost every human emotion.  If you feel it, you’ll probably find it in the Psalms.  I’ll recall them all on another entry, so we can spend some time with Psalm 84.

  • Blessed are those whose strength is in You
  • Blessed is the man who trusts in You.

Walk blameless following His Word.  Means we have to read His Word.  Then, walk in His Word.  Step by step.  One day at a time.  From rising to resting.  By thought, word and deed.

When we fail by thought or word or deed, confess the sin, be contrite (broken-hearted), ask forgiveness, get justification ( just-as-if-I-never), learn to hate the sin and sin that sin no more.  Keep walking the walk, running the race, fighting the good fight.  Never quit.


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