Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | July 5, 2010

One Thing for the 4th of July

From the 1760s to July 1776 many issues divided the British subjects in the American colonies and in Great Britain.  Across the 13 American colonies the issues changed over time.   Thomas Paine summed up all the arguments in Commonsense.  All things pointed to one thing – independence.  Independence meant rebellion and revolution.  Revolution meant war.  Losing the war of rebellion meant death to traitors.  In America it meant civil war.  Civil wars are always bitter. 

The fighting began in April 1775.  A national army was formed on June 14th, 1775.  But, it took until the late Spring of 1776 for a third of the British subjects to understand that one thing was necessary – Independence.   So, step by step all the politics, economics, demographics, and legal issues came down to one thing.  Independence or not.

Today, the Great U.S. Culture War has slowly accelerated since 1962.   Then, in January 2009 the socialists without shame were elected to Federal power as President and both houses of Congress.  They punished the economy to the edge of ruin – and are about to push it off the edge to bankruptcy.  Then, the apologists for America offered to quit both campaigns against the Islamists.   In fact, they lack  moral courage or political vision to even call our Muslim barbarian enemies by their  proper names.   Add the abject failure of Establishment Republicans to rule and we have the perfect storm in America.

The perfect storm sowed the seeds of the Tea Party.  Now, the time to reap the whirlwind is upon us in the elections of 2010, 2012,  and 2014 – more if needed.  And all the issues from illegal immigration to wars to the economy to social issues are settling down to one point of commonsense.   Return to the 1787 Constitution – as written – or not.  Then, forward the Constitution for another century.   The Constitution. 

The Constitution preserves the Republic.  It keeps the Rule of Law.  It returns difficult issues to the states – where they belong.  It prevents tyranny.  It allows states to go bankrupt without ruining their neighbor states.  And on and on. 

Talk to folks in the Tea Party.   The answer for 2012 is a Presidential candidate for the GOP – who is a Constitutional Republican.   Forward, the Constitution.  It is coming down to one thing again.



  1. Another key change is that the population is changing due to illegal immigration and government education as well as church apostasy. The result is that in the not to distant future, those who revere our nation’s legacy and Constitution will be in the minority.
    This year may be our last real shot at turning this around. If we fail and elect more socialists and RINO’s I fear our national experiment of liberty will recede like a wave on the beach or like Pickett’s Division on July 3rd. After Gettysburg everthing was a holding action or withdrawal. I suspect we will lose or break even from here on out and the leftists will either win or break even.

  2. The people who established the United States believed things we no longer properly teach our children. When we allow the government to teach our children, we betray them. When we use a secular socialist institution to educate our children, what right do we have to expect our children to understand either God or republican government?

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