Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | June 26, 2010

Eclectic Friday

  • Why did my blog entry – 14 Oct 2009, Why We Should Celebrate Columbus Day – get 123 views yesterday?  Odd.
  • Went to 1st Congressional District Republican meeting tonight.  11 new chairmen out of 23 cities and counties.  More turnover than I remember since 97.
  • Driving through the country of Virginia’s Middle Peninsula was fun.  Love, love, love, love being in the country.  Can’t describe the joy I get as soon as I get out yonder.  Wherever it is, when it is farms, forest, fields and few buildings.  Water – ponds, lakes, marshes, rivers, creeks and The Bay – makes it perfect.
  • Tonight was bright moonlight.  Glorious night sky playing shadows in shades of gray across moving clouds.  Drove pass old skunk smells and sweet fragrances – almost tropical flower-like. 
  • Today’s Daily Bible reading was Hosea.  Tough prophecies for Israel and Judah.  Tough names for his children.  Tough stuff for a man to do as he was ordered – marry a prostitute and truly love her – enough to bring her back to him to never leave again.


  1. It was a beautiful night! We watched “the Blindside” in an open air theater and I was amazed with the sharp definition of the moon rising over the treeline and lifting the darkness from the field.

  2. Great wrap up for the week, Jim. I also enjoyed the evening – great firefly show in my backyard and lots of cicadas singing their tune.

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