Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | June 20, 2010

Time for New Evil

The Liberals Need a New Hierarchy of Evil

Heard a sermon today that featured these tried, true – and old – evil characters;  Nazis, KKK and a racist, white Southern Christian.

I have to laugh.  Time to upgrade the old faces of evil for a new century – and millennium.

The sermon touched on race, class and gender which lines up nicely with the Liberal trinity of race, class, gender.  Even so, we all need new caricatures for evil.

I suggest the following:

  • Islamists – the 10% of Muslims who want to kill us for breathing.
  • Islam – the ideology, identity and culture – which includes a bloody religion – that threatens Western Civilization/
  • Human Secularists – Liberals, Socialists, Progressives, Democrats who threaten the survival of the American Republic
  • The ruling elites – in politics and media – who will bankrupt and destroy America
  • The race pimps – who hold back Black Americans to keep them on the democrat plantation and try to enslave other hyphenated Americans by appeals to their race.


  1. This year, we have seen more and more Black Americans wake up to what the liberal democrat agenda has done for them, and I thank God for Obama. McCain never could have achieved that. I only wish Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams had been the first Black President, so we all could cheer the accomplishment of the history-making election.

  2. Another evil:
    the secular humanists who have taken over mainline Protestant Christianity and deny almost everything about traditional Christian theology from the authority of Scripture to the Divinity of Christ to the Trinity et al. These evil ones teach their congregations that right is wrong and that wrong is right.
    Flee from these liberal churches and use them as one of the modern caricatures of evil.

  3. Thanks for both comments.

    I was good with – and supported – Alan Keyes in 2000 over Bush.

    The liberal churches indeed are a new evil of the most pernicious sort.

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