Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | June 14, 2010

The Army’s Birthday Present

U.S. Army - 235 Years - Since 1775

Happy Birthday, Senior Service – The United States Army.   The Army’s birthday present is the Nation.  The Army carried the Nation on its bayonets for 8 years.   Without the Army the American Revolution would have been a failed civil war.  As long as there was an Army in the field, there was a rebellion.    Until the final victory at Yorktown.

The Army created the Nation.  The Army preceded the Declaration of Independence by over a year and made it live.

“This We’ll Defend.”  America.   Hooah for America’s Army.


  1. As a career Marine, I too acknowledge the indispensible nature of our Army, the finest army in world history. Its story is the story of the nation which would not exist without it. We few Marines have been proud to complement our army in providing for our nation’s defense for these 236 years. Honored to be brothers in arms.
    Congratulations soldiers!
    Keep the faith.

    • Thanks.

      I learned about complementary forces at the USMC Command and Staff College. Concur with the concept.

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