Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 23, 2010

Two Baptist Churches in England

Cirencester Baptist church, built 1859, is on this old street.

Visited two Baptist Churches on the past two Sundays in the UK.

The church held in a rented public gym near Cambridge is an American-sponsored mission to the UK.  The 16 adults or so there were from Latin America, Asia, Africa, America – and two were actually from England. 

There were more people there than Jesus had in his inner disciple group.  If and when the Holy Spirit speaks to them, they can speak to huge communities in the UK.  Like the Jewish temple visitors from all over the Roman Empire who were converted the day after Pentecost.  But, such a movement would have to come from the Holy Spirit. 

I saw the faithful service of my friend and his wife there.  I saw the warmth of the families there – they wanted to be there – no matter how weak the pulpit message.  Yet, all things are possible through Him.

The Circenester Baptist church was packed.  Over 200 people.  Lots of children.  Some ethnic diversity and lots of native Englanders.  The service was much like the contemporary service at my church in Virginia.

They had a cello, I think, instead of a violin.  The praise songs were a little slower.  I recognized one.

They have lots of minstries.  This is a church family.  The preacher goes out door to door to talk to people.

The worship leader had a Scottish accent that was so smooth it was like music.  The young preacher looked like actor Hugh Grant to me – with the same self-deprecating humor.   His text – from John – was computer projected up on the wall.  His preaching was Bible Study. 

They have small group study – like the ones we started in November 09. 

But, will this church family bring Christ back to the UK?  One comment the preacher made about the growing atheist population in England, and the self-effacing comment that confidence in Christ is seen and accused as arrogance by these human secularists, spoke to the struggle.

Likewise, speaking in confidence with stark contrasts can be called hate speech against the Muslims in the UK.  And, throughout Europe.  And Canada.  Such fools.  Cultural suicide.  Civilization-cide.

When will a Peter step out and speak like in Acts 2?  When will Charles Spurgeon speak again – and be heard across the UK?  When will a Richard the Lion-Hearted engage the Muslim invaders with the Word of Christ – instead of the sword?  When will a woman, like Anne Geddes in Scotland, throw her stool at the preachers for speaking false teachings?

Come now.



  1. Checking up on you while you are away. We called a new pastor Sunday, vote was 105 – 2. Hope you are doing fine, don’t get banned from England like Micheal Savage.

  2. Thanks, Tom. Someone from England would have to read my stuff to get mad enough about it.

    This blog isn’t burdened with public attention.

    My wife told me about the vote. Sounds great. Hope y’all are doing fine in SS class.

    • Just found my way back to your blog. I am getting ready to leave for Everett Washington on Monday. Wish you could have been a small group last night, for the last two weeks we have been going over God and the State. Your perspective would have been great. Hope you are doing well. God bless

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