Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 21, 2010

Bowden, Devon, England

Cottages to let at the top of village Bowden.


After a great worship service at Cirencester Baptist Church, I drove 3 hours to the village of Bowden down in Devon.  It was nestled at the upper reach of a valley splitting one of the huge rounded hills. 

Someone built a Bowden House.  Plaque out front.  Funny to me since I made up the icon for the my BowdenHouse Inc. logo. 

Drove several miles of one lane farm roads with two way traffic to get to Bowden.  High hedgerows on both sides.  But it worked out.  Reminded my of my Uncle Snookie letting me drive when I was about 9 – on dirt roads in Tipton County, Tennessee.  I had to look above the dash and below the steering wheel.   Such fun.  Had to watch out for trucks and tractors there too.

One more Bowden ville that I know of in southern England – near Dover.  If I can make another 3 hour drive while here.


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