Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 17, 2010

Bowden Hill, Wiltshire, England

When I did the map recon to find a place to mail my bills back to the States, I stumbled on Bowden Hill.  So, at lunch time I went there.

Bowden Hill is a really big hill in Wiltshire County.  The village is a village.  Big estate on the far side of the hill.  As I took a telephone pic, grandma, ma, baby in pram and two dogs came out. I asked them how they pronounced ‘Bowden.’  Hooah – Bow as in to bow down or the bow of a ship. 

Bowden is Celtic for ‘house on a hill’.  As I said, it was a very big hill. 

Found another village Bowden in the southeast near Dover.   May go there this weekend.  

Been to the village Bowden in Scotland.  Will go again soon enough.

Planning the whirlwind trip with wife for 3-10 April.  Noting, this St. Patrick’s Day, that we will run by Londonderry, Northern Ireland to see where the Apprentice Boys closed the gates of the city.  Will look on the “No Surrender” list for the last names – Maley and Kyle. 

Got my random, eclectic thoughts banging around.  Will put them all out sooner or later.

Must mention a few.

  • This is the Mother Country.   So easy to be here on a personal level.  Beyond all the history etc.  I am as, or more, comfortable here than I am in some Yankee big city up North. 
  • And the history is so cool.  How the eras build and change.  See it in the architecture and imagine it in the countryside.
  • Multi-culturalism is bunk.  The multi-ethnic Brits aren’t multi-cultural.  They appear to be Brits through and through.  The exception being the unassimilated Muslims wearing their custumes.   Race doesn’t matter to define culture – but religion sure counts. 

More later.



  1. From your description, the place sounds like an ancient landfill…

  2. Joel, not that much trash since the end of the Ice Age to make a hill this big. Interesting to see it.

  3. Good morning Bubba,

    This post made me think of all the hits I got when searching Bowden in Devon – rivers, prisons, communes… and I just came across this site page that references a John Bowden, arriving Virgina in 1635 (not 1752). Different John or has a vague lead surfaced?

  4. Beautiful! There are no accidents….you were supposed to see it!

  5. It sounds like quite an adventure you’re on! I hope all goes well. Your preliminary impression that the Brits are not surrendering their cultural identity is encouraging, and I look forward to more reports about the ongoing defense of Western civilization.

  6. Amen, MFW. Charles Stanley preaches on that constantly. In His Will.

    Robin: We know we are from John Bowden born in 1719 and died 1786 with will in the Virginia Archives 1788. We don’t know his birthplace or line back.

  7. Wiltshire! My family came over here from Wiltshire in the 1640’s. If you run into anyone with the last name ‘Jaques’ (re-worked into ‘Jaquith’ on arrival in America for some reason), those are my relatives. I’ve heard that Wilshire is still full of them.

    One of these days I have got to get over there and see what exactly they were running away from.

  8. JL: If your family came over in the 1640s, they probably were running from the Puritans. They same folks who settled Massachusetts – and still cause problems.

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