Posted by: James Atticus Bowden | March 1, 2010

My March Madness

I leave today for 5 weeks, or more, work in England.  I’ll be in the West Counties supporting the British Army.    When the British Colonel, who was hired as the permanent Program Manager, can get out of uniform and get back home to his country, then I’ll come back to my home.

Should be interesting work.

It came so suddenly a week ago that I am awestruck.  Wondering what is the Lord’s Will that I do in this work and time.  Make real progress on next novel?  I just don’t know.

Should have quiet time at night to blog.   We’ll see.



  1. Have a great and safe trip. I have worked some with the BA but mostly with the Royal Marines, particularly back during the Cold War.
    All great folks with great traditions in their units.
    I envy you. Enjoy it.

    Currently I am in the USVI having fun, but returning to Tidewater today. Brrr.

  2. I join DV in his expression of envy, JAB. England is a marvellous place for those attuned to history. And, as DV mentions, the military traditions (I use the plural advisedly) are most impressive. Five weeks should be enough time to get a wee bit of good weather. Safe travels. Look forward to hearing your observations and insights.

  3. Thanks Guys. I worked with the British Army years ago. Hope it goes great at work, then the sundry associated travel will go well too. I’m present for duty and un-lagging my body.

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